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Quality management as a strategic success factor is becoming more and more important in public administration. The decisionmakers in politics and administration have realized the enormous opportunities yielded by modern quality management systems for a long time.

No matter whether it is a question of establishing a successful management tool or of turning from a body enforcing standards and laws and regulations while focusing on execution of the law to a citizen and customer focused service provider. Or of simplifying or accelerating procedures and proceedings when modernizing administration and of thus taking important systematic action for implementing the budgetary reform relatively easily, effectively and, above all, sustainably. By now public administrations like using quality management systems – above all ISO 9001 – as extremely helpful implementation tools. Furthermore, further development towards integrated management systems and particularly dealing with the environmental management system acc. to ISO 14001 are becoming more important.

Quality management is part of the Lisbon Strategy of the European Union. In the EU, use of quality management is seen as being part of the reform of public administrations, which contributes to implementing the Lisbon Strategy.

Public Administration and CAF

Quality management offers public administration new ways of assuming the necessary and important task to perfectly interact with trade and industry and society as a whole. Administration that is learning and developing constantly is immanent to quality management.

Holistic quality management offers the opportunity of bundling and interlinking existing or planned modernization tools, such as cost and performance calculation or controlling, and counteracting the trend of mainly seeing modernization under aspects of business management. Quality management designed and conceived in this sense can make an important contribution to a holistic reform of public administration.


CAF stands for Common Assessment Framework. CAF is a European quality assessment system under the motto “Improving the organization by means of self-assessment”. Thus it follows the principles of the EFQM Excellence Model. As a comprehensive quality management system, CAF identifies the potentials (“enablers”) and quality of results (“results” criteria). CAF considers all the stakeholders, including societal interests (environment, social concerns). CAF is no “management concept”, i.e. it does not specify in what way and with what tools the results should be achieved. However, this also means a lack of the systemic rules that mostly are absolutely necessary for guaranteeing sustainable business success. On the other hand, CAF can be combined with other concepts without problems.

Self-assessment acc. to CAF is a suitable way of preparing for certification acc. to ISO 9001. It also is on this way that Quality Austria GmbH is a competent and experienced partner of public administration by providing information and trainings and supporting public administration in stocktaking.

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