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The dynamics in healthcare

The dynamics in healthcare based on certifications, visitations, assessments, evaluations, accreditations, approvals, training and competence evidence continues inexorably. The trends are clearly visible in many facilities: further development to EFQM Model, risk management, environmental management, occupational health and safety manangment, hygiene and legal compliance .

Today the opportunity to see reviews of health care facilities on internet platforms is promoted by both, the Gesundheit Österreich GmbH as well as from the „clients“.

Mature organizations have already made the decision towards integrated management systems (quality, environment , ccupational health and safety manangment) and aspire after honoring in the field EFQM.

In addition, the observation plane is also increasingly on detailed aspects of an established quality management system (eg risk management - patient safety).

What remains unchanged is the claim to fulfill the statutory and regulatory requirements. In other countries, quality management systems for health care facilities are already provably required.

Health, Social Services and Health Tourism

Still another important aspect is the fact that psychological strains and stresses (for example burn out) among qualified employees can massively put an organization’s subsistence at risk just as much as the problem of finding highly qualified personnel. At this point, quality management will be further developed, by being put to the question of effectiveness and efficiency as well as the subject of further development of the corporate culture.

Quality Austria not only offers trainings in recognized training courses, but also the expertise of recognized specialists. This ensures that our customers are not only getting the latest industry-specific state of knowledge, but also generate lasting benefits.

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