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Excellence (EFQM)

Excellence (EFQM)

If an organization has a high level of business excellence, this means that it is able to fulfill requirements and therefore achieve outstanding performances and excellent results.

Easily said Excellence means lasting outstanding performance and to (over-)fulfill the expectations of stakeholders.

Each organization is excellent – BUT the Level of Excellence varies. This level of excellence can be measured, benchmarked and certainly improved. We design and measure Excellence according to the EFQM Model. Furthermore the EFQM Model is the assessment base for the Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität (Austrian Excellence Award).

EFQM Model

The EFQM Model, based on seven criteria, is used to structure and measure Excellence. Independent assessors will conduct the assessment using the RADAR logic.


Using the EFQM Model offers the opportunity to see an organization as a whole; it sets a framework that helps companies to include all of their business units, without forgetting any of them. It can be seen as pieces of a puzzle, which are separate yet related and add up to a bigger picture when being put together.

The EFQM Model structure is based on the powerful logic of asking three questions:

  • Why does this organization exist? What purpose does it fulfill? Why this particular strategy? (Direction)
  • How does it intend to deliver on its purpose and its strategy? (Execution)
  • What has it actually achieved to date? What does it intend to achieve tomorrow (Results)

Central to the rationale of the EFQM Model (the „red thread“) is the connection between the purpose, vision and strategy of an organization and how that is used to help it create sustainable value for its most important stakeholders and deliver outstanding results.

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