Financial assistance for further education and training

We guide you through the jungle of funding options

Financial assistance for further education and training can be granted to:

  • Individuals

  • Companies

qualityaustria trainings can be funded either by the respective Federal State or by the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS). It depends on you / on your company what type of financial assistance you would like to use. We will be pleased to help you in finding the most suitable funding option – from application to submission of the necessary proof.

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Your way to financial assistance

1. Submitting an application

We are happy to support you by providing the application forms.

2. Reviewing the application

Will be done by the respective funding agency.

3. Booking of and participation in further education and training programs & obtaining a confirmation of participation / certificate

After successful completion of the training course / exam (including a time sheet).

4. Forwarding the confirmation of participation to the funding agency 

We will be pleased to help you to submit the confirmation of participation or certificate to the funding agency.

5. Receiving financial assistance

Mind: Depending on the funding agency (e. g. AMS), the accounting will be made in advance directly to the funding agency.

Financial assistance for individuals

There are several funding options for individuals. Please contact us for more information in English!

Financial assistance for companies

There are several funding options for companies. Please contact us for further information in English!

Funding of projects

There are several possibilities for project funding. Find out more information on the Internet or contact us

Practical tip

  • Please read the guidelines on financial assistance carefully.
  • As an individual you can set off, for example, technical literature, travel expenses, further education, training and retraining cost, etc. as advertising cost against your income tax. Find more detailed information at
  • As a company you can set off further education and training against tax.

AMS Educational leave:

  • Prerequisites: at least 6 months of employment covered by unemployment insurance with your current employer; educational leave agreement
  • Term of application and funding period: at least 2 months and no more than 12 months within 4 years; further education of at least 20 hours per week during the entire period of educational leave
  • Amount of funding: € 14,53 per day or unemployment benefit for the person on educational leave

AMS Education part-time:

  • Prerequisites: at least 10 hours of further education and training per week
  • Term of application and funding period: at least 4 months and no more than 2 years within 4 years
  • Amount of funding or eligible cost: daily € 0,83 per fully reduced working time; for example: a person reduces working time from 40 to 20 hours a week – this corresponds to a funding of € 0,83 x 20 reduced hours x 30 days a month = € 498,- per month
  • Who may receive financial assistance: Person in part-time education who can prove at least 10 hours of further education and training per week

Funding databases

We are listed at Ö-Cert


The Training and Personal Certification Department of Quality Austria – as a high-quality service provider in the field of adult education – is listed at Ö-Cert. For our participants, this means – in addition to the proof of quality – easy access to financial assistance specific to the respective Federal Provinces all over Austria. Take the chance and make use of the financial assistance for your qualityaustria training.

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