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Training and certification of persons

We rely on the long-term competence development of all participants and on a clear practical and benefit orientation.

International Training Programme

Customer benefit

The primary goal of our trainings consists in building up competencies among all the participants. This goal goes far beyond mere imparting of information and is supported by didactic and organizational measures.

  • Interactive training design
  • Joint development of topics, applications and tasks directly from the operational environmentPresentation of results,
  • Expert discussions
  • Promotion of implementation competence
  • Modular course series promote the testing, application and deepening of the acquired knowledge between the individual courses,
  • Examinations as an integral part of the courses give confidence that the specified learning objectives have been achieved

We are accredited by Akkreditierung Austria for the area of personal certification according to ISO 17024.

As an accredited certification body, we are committed to the values of independence and objectivity. Our competence is therefore regularly checked and certified.

As a national representative of the EOQ (European Organization for Quality), we are also entitled to issue the internationally valued EOQ certificates.

Trainer competence is of utmost importance

Our trainers are experienced practitioners and experts in their fields and have a diversified knowledge of the industry as well as an in-depth knowledge of relevant standards. The admission as a qualityaustria trainer is regulated by a qualification procedure which verifies their professional and methodical competence and ensures its continuous maintenance and further development. This way we make sure that our course participants benefit from the highest competence and knowledge proven in practice.

International career with quality

qualityaustria trainings are clearly tailored to the needs of the domestic companies, make reference to national legislation and regulations as well as to strategies that are relevant in the economic area.

  • In international working groups, we develop a multinational and multicultural view of the topics we offer and integrate it into our services.
  • The coordination in international committees also ensures the intergovernmental recognition of qualityaustria training courses.

Thanks to harmonization of the contents of courses according to the European training concept, Quality Austria is entitled to have Certificates issued by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). These Certificates can be requested in addition to a national Certificate and are issued in English. Just like with national Certificates, the validity of EOQ Certificates is limited in time.


Benefits of EOQ certificates

"Education is not the same as education. Even in times of increasing time pressure one should not let oneself be carried away to hurried instant training Methods. It is not only important to impart information in an innovative manner, the course participant also acquires the competences and skills that are required for practical application and which separate the wheat from the chaff in the application process."

Ms. Dr. Anni Koubek, Executive Vice President Innovation, Business Development Quality, Quality Austria

Timeliness, continuity and sustainability

qualityaustria training design

Our training philosophy

We are consistently translating our corporate vision "Succeed with Quality" into action. Sustainable acquisition of competence is the top goal of all trainings.

  • As an independent network node with our international alignment, we bundle the know-how of developers of knowledge, knowledge carriers, consultants and technical experts and implement the business requirements and thus create training concepts in cooperation with the network of our auditors, trainers and assessors, to maximize value created for the customers within our courses, seminars, workshops and refreshings.
  • qualityaustria cours series are continually being reviewed for their practical value and improved.

Modular design - training specific to the needs

qualityaustria training programmes can be used specifically to the customer needs like trainings with a modular design. Almost each course can also be attended alone. Trainings, seminars and refresher courses, which serve to consolidate knowledge, round off the training programme. We would not only like to be a preferred partner in initial training but would also like to offer you tailored solutions for technical and vocational further development and enable you to update competence you have acquired and thus have recourse to the best and most up-to-date methods for your work.

qualityaustria trainings score due topicality, which is paired with continuity and sustainability, so that you can safely build up your competence.

Each qualityaustria training will optimally prepare you to obtain certificates acknowledging your competence. The examination will be conducted on the basis of objective criteria for competence and the result. These criteria are laid down in certification programmes created on the basis of the International Standard ISO 17024 and tested and approved by qualityaustria Council. Besides training, this may also include workplace experience and previous knowledge.

Our training design

Courses and series of courses
Single courses and modular series of courses serve to comprehensively elaborate a topic and prepare for an examination for a specified competence certificate. The upstream learning contents will lead from the bases via the methods to case studies from practice. At most series of courses provided by Quality Austria, the qualifications that are imparted are harmonized all over Europe and recognized worldwide. Depending on the complexity of the topic, series of courses will be broken down into 1 to 5 courses. In most cases, the courses provided by Quality Austria can be attended independently one from another. In our opinion, however, knowledge can be interlinked best if you attend the courses in the order shown in the charts of overview. As the topics in the practical parts of the training are becoming more and more complex, you will thus optimally be prepared for your tasks. The courses provided by Quality Austria are aimed at imparting competence in a clearly defined field of activities. They will always impart knowledge, methods and implementation within the companies with a focus on how the individual translates them into action in his/her work environment. The acquired competence will be identified in the course of an examination.
Seminars focus on discussing topical technical issues, update existing knowledge and take up new topics. The spectrum covers all the contents of training provided by us. Seminars offer an excellent opportunity of familiarizing oneself with new topics or updating one's knowledge of other topics. Therefore, they are not only suitable for experts in the respective areas but also for leaders and managers and persons from other Technical Departments and Divisions, who would like to acquire knowledge of a topic in a compact and well-aimed manner. Therefore, exchange of experience is a fixed part of the training methodology.
Refresher courses
The refresher courses provided by qualityaustria enable updating and supplementing of knowledge, methods and competencies. In refresher courses, it is assumed that you have completed adequate base training and are actively involved in the relevant business area. Therefore, it is not only a matter of imparting the most recent developments in the technical area, no matter whether it is a question of results of research, developments of laws or standards and regulations or methods. Networking and technical discussions with colleagues are part of refresher courses just as well. Thus issues from the business environment can be discussed while developing approaches together. The participants' large experience, which is paired with the know-how of the qualityaustria trainers, will offer the opportunity of integrating new approaches in one's own work. Many prolongations of Certificates require evidencing that refresher courses have been attended. The relevant conditions are stated in connection with the single certification programmes. Refresher courses require active participation. However, they will not be completed by an examination.
e-Learning / Webinare / Moodle
Knowledge with a signle klick - new qualityaustria webinars! We'll keep you informed about current e-Learning trainings at our website. You don't want to miss a new offer? Then register for our newsletter, the quality TIMES, to receive current news rom the fields of quality, environmental and safety management.
In-house trainings
Learning in your own organization! One of the most efficient training options is in-house learning, i.e. learning amidst colleagues and leaders and managers, by having a look at topical case studies from one’s own sphere of work. Public qualityaustria trainings can be booked one-to-one as In-house trainings. At an in-house training, the training contents will be coordinated with the customer. You order what you want and will get what you need. During the training, company specific issues and tasks will be discussed in detail. At the same time it is guaranteed that company know-how does not get to the outside. For bigger companies, in particular, in-house trainings can be more cost efficient and effective. There won't be any travel and accommodation expenditure for the participants at all. Simultaneous training of several employees with one common goal will yield positive effects for teamwork and the internal network. In general in-house trainings are an attractive training variant combining comprehensive advantages. Our formula for your personal success is as follows: discretion and secrecy, enhancing the team spirit, more efficient results and tailoring to the special needs of your company.

Quality Austria offers altogether over 50 certification programmes, most of them are accredited federally. Thus qualityaustria Certificates are nationally recognised and the quality objectively checked.

Your way to the certificate


Each series of courses will be completed by an examination. Upon positive completion of an examination, a qualityaustria certificate will be issued

Quality Austria understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities and has regulated the handling of eventual conflicts of interest in its management systems to ensure the objectivity of its certification activities.


Certificates acknowledging competence basically are limited in time. The relevant standard specifies that the certification body applies a surveillance and re-certification process in order to guarantee that the competencies of the person certified are maintained. At the moment Certificates issued by Quality Austria are limited to three or five years. For obtaining prolongation of a Certificate, the holder of a Certificate will mostly have to demonstrate his/her competence in the form of the required times of practice and - for certain Certificates - by attending relevant refresher courses.

AA special service provided by us consists in informing each holder of a Certificate on the expiry of the period of validity of the Certificate in due time.

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