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Risk and Security Management

Risk and security management implies a systematic approach for anticipating coincidence. Well-aimed and systematic prevention is the best protection for the company in order to avert damage done to the company and increase the chance to achieve higher profits. Social differences in big economic areas as well as globalization of delinquency imply risks for each company. The protection of one’s own organization and that of the overall delivery chain involved from incidents with major consequences is often neglected. A central challenge for each organization’s management consists in finding answers and solutions for these threats.

Well-aimed and systematic prevention is the best protection for the company from damage. Risk and safety management (Business Continuity Management – BCM) systems are management systems aiming at preventive safety of the company. Integrated management approaches following the classical management systems acc. to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS, etc., form the basis of the series of courses that is aimed at focusing on operational methods and tools when imparting knowledge.

Course series

The Series of Courses Risk Management and Business Continuity Management is based on the integrated management approach and imparts continuing methodological competence and competence for implementation.

The Series of Courses Risk Management and Business Continuity Management (BCM) is structured in such a way that the operational part of the management system in conjunction with the standards and regulations is in the centre of interest. In addition, the practice oriented and proven tools that are discussed make a significant contribution to evidencing the duty for due diligence in each company can be fulfilled.

The courses have set themselves the goal to focus on imparting knowledge of operational methods and tools that can be translated into action by the company right after the course. It is, above all, methods existing for assessing and controlling risks that have been improved while integrating new perspectives. The course is specific to operational practitioners in all the functional areas of a company.

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