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The Quality Austria Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH is in accordance with Federal Law Gazette BGBI. II No. 369/2008 for the certification of persons at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy according to ÖNORM EN ISO / IEC 17024 accredited.


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Training courses and course series

Individual courses and modular course series develop a topic comprehensively and prepare for an examination in the context of a specified competence certificate.


Seminars are based on current issues, bring existing knowledge up to date and take up new topics.

In-house trainings

Through in-house trainings all qualityaustria offers reach the customer directly. The contents are tailored to the requirements of the individual company.


In addition to updating and supplementing knowledge, methods and competences, the qualityaustria refreshing seminars also enable the informal exchange with industry colleagues.

Confirmations of participation

Confirmations of participation will be issued after the event to those participants who have attended at least 80% of the event. Confirmations of participation are not to be confused with certificates, which are issued only safter positive completion of an examination.

Admission to examinations

The conditions of admission are listed for each test in the course program. Registration for an examination must be made in writing to Quality Austria, whereby the fulfillment of all conditions must be stated by persons applying for the certificate. If the person has completed the training as part of the qualityaustria qualification programs, automatic recognition of the training takes place, if at least 80% of the event has been attended. Should the persons applying for the certificate want to credit other training courses, it is necessary to establish the equivalence of these training courses. A separate written request must be placed to determine this equivalence. The application must be accompanied by a description of the completed training and its comparison with the requirements of the certification program. The relevant requirements can be requested from the certification body.

A qualification check will be performed to verify conformity with the certification program and topicality of the references provided by the person applying for the certificate.


Examinations are, unless otherwise stated in the course program, chargeable events that have to be booked separately. The number of participants for the exam is limited. The examination mode depends on the expected competence and may include written, oral and / or practical parts of the exam. The evaluation is based on a points system. Each task of a written or oral examination is indicated with a maximum score. A partial evaluation is possible. A failed exam can be repeated. If a test consists of several parts, individual parts can be repeated within 12 months.

Quality Austria is aware of its impartiality in carrying out its certification activities and has regulated the management of any conflicts of interest in its management system in order to ensure the objectivity of its certification activities.


After a positive examination, Quality Austria issues a certificate in accordance with EN ISO / IEC 17024, which corresponds to a nationally recognized certificate because of the accreditation of Quality Austria as a certification body for persons. The qualityaustria certificate is sent - if not otherwise documented in the business process system of Quality Austria - to the private address, approximately three weeks after completion of the examination. Certificates are sent collectively to the company after in-house examinations.

EOQ Certificates

Applications for EOQ Certificates are to be addressed to Quality Austria. These applications will be sent together with each first or extended certificate and are also available online. The fee in Austria is € 65, - (excluding VAT). Customers who submit EOQ Certificate applications via qualityaustria partner organisations pay the fees of the respective partner. A processing time of about one month needs to be expected. The mailing of EOQ Certificates and Cards (Identity Cards) takes place together with the invoice to the private address.

Certificate extension

qualityaustria certificates are competence certificates and limited to three or five years. For the extension of certificates, the certificate holder must prove his / her competence in the form of the required practice times and, for certain certificates, by attending relevant refresher courses (for every certificate, criteria for extension are detailed along with the examination description in the course program). Please also refer to the General Conditions for Certificate Holders. Each certificate holder will be informed by Quality Austria in a timely manner before end of the period of validity. In these cases application forms are sent for the certificate extension. These are also available online.

The detailed criteria for the extension of each certificate are indicated in the exam descriptions of the course program. By failure to comply with the requirements the certificate cannot be extended. The fee for a qualityaustria certificate extension is included in the price of the Refreshings (individual arrangements for inhouse trainings), otherwise it amounts to € 25, - (excluding VAT). Extensions for EOQ Certificates will be treated as newly issued certificates taking into account the existing certificate number at a fee of € 65, - (excluding VAT). Extended certificates will be sent together with the invoice, depending on the expiration date of the certificate, in a timely manner to the private address.

Qualification check as part of the approval evaluation for certification exams ZQC

A written registration is required. For further information and registration please contact Ms. Susanne Bader.

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