Examination Quality Management Representative

QBP-E | 1 day


The contents of the examination refer to the courses

  • Integrated Management System - Requirements (IMS)
  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Integrated Management System - Methods and Tools (IMSA)

The complete course Quality Management Representative (QBGS-E) covers the course material from these 3 courses.

  • Qualification in the courses
    • Integrated Management System - Requirements (IMS)
    • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
    • Integrated Management System - Methods and Tools (IMSA)
  • 2 years of practical professional experience, 1 of these in quality assurance or quality management

The written examination consists of multiple-choice questions. Duration: 30 minutes

The oral examination consists of an interview focused on specialist knowledge and implementation skills. Duration: 10 minutes


Upon successful completion of the examination and submission of proof of practical experience, the candidate will receive the certificate Quality Management Representative.

Additionally, the EOQ Quality Management Representative certificate can be issued on request.

Validity of the certificate

3 years

Criteria for extension
  • Proof (confirmation from the employer) of 1 year of professional practice in the field of quality management within the last 3 years.
  • Refresher course for Quality Management Representatives (RQB) or appropriate qualityaustria training.
  • Quality Management Representatives with an additional internal auditor automotive qualification may alternatively attend the refresher course for Quality Managers and Auditors with focus on the Automotive industry (RQA-A).
  • Should it not be possible to provide the proof of practical experience prior to the examination, it is still possible to take the examination. In this case, participants who pass the examination will obtain the certificate Quality Management Representative Candidate. As soon as Quality Austria receives the proof of practical experience the certificate will be upgraded free of charge.
  • Furthermore, if candidates have insufficient proof of practical experience, it is possible to apply for the EOQ Management Representative Junior certificate.


Examination Quality Management Representative
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Please note that deviations from the new course program may arise in terms of content and participation fees.

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