Laboratory Quality Assurance Manager and Laboratory Assessor

LQMAT | 10 days

Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor LQMAT


The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) training course is designed to teach laboratory personnel and future laboratory assessors how to install, maintain, improve and assess a Laboratory Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189 Standard and OECD GLP, and is applicable for laboratories of any size and any activities related to calibration and testing.

The training covers valuable topics for accredited or to-be accredited laboratories such as uncertainty estimation, method validation, proficiency testing, calibration and modern interpretation of traceability subject, as well as audit methods and tools. During the course the participants obtain knowledge about the modern approaches to QMS, based on the version of the Standard ISO 9001.

Flyer Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor (LQMAT)- pdf (272 KB)

  • Either university degree or equivalent in chemistry, physics, engineering or relevant fields or
  • secondary education plus two years experience in a testing or calibration laboratory
Target group
  • Laboratory and Quality Managers
  • Laboratory staff dealing with quality of analysis and / or calibration
  • Laboratory Assessors

This modular training program includes 9 interrelated workshops (WS) and an examination:

Workshop 1 (WS 1): ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189 Management System

WS 2: Quality Assurance and Quality Documentation

WS 3: Basic statistical tools for Laboratories

WS 4: Internal Quality Control for Laboratories, Method Validation

WS 5: Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurements

WS 6: Traceability of Measurements

WS 7: Inter-laboratory Quality Control Measures

WS 8: Risk Management

WS 9: Laboratory Audit

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In 2023 the course will take place in Vienna:

Course: 17. – 27.04.2023
Examination: 28.04.2023

Course: 13. – 23.11.2023
Examination: 24.11.2023


10 days (training and examination) € 3.990,– (excl. 20% VAT)

The workshops also can be attended selectively. Daily fee € 502,– (excl. 20 % VAT)


For registration please contact Mrs Dr. Eugenia Soboleva, qualityaustria Network partner, Business Development and Product Management Laboratories

  • Working language of the training course is English.
  • The workshops also can be attended selectively.
  • The participants will be awarded a confirmation of participation.

Examination for Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor LQMATP


The purpose of the examination is to assess the applicants knowledge on the following subjects:

  • Quality Management System: development, maintenance, improvement
  • Specific Quality Assurance and Quality Control Tools for calibration and testing laboratory
  • Laboratory Assessment: standards, tools, approaches

Attendance of the qualityaustria/EOQ training course for Laboratory Quality Managers and Assessors


Examination for Laboratory Quality Managers:

  • Written multiple choice test
  • Group work followed by presentation

Examination for Laboratory Assessor:

  • Written multiple choice test

Working language is English.



28.04.2023, Vienna

24.11.2023, Vienna


The fee for the examination is included in the course fee.


Upon successful completion of the examination and submitted practical evidence the participants receive the certificates Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor.

You are entitled to apply for European Organization for Quality (EOQ) certificates of EOQ Laboratory Quality Manager and EOQ Laboratory Assessor.

Validity of the certificate

3 years

Criteria for extension

For Laboratory Quality Managers

The competence of a Laboratory Quality Manager shall be reconfirmed using at least two of the below described recertification methods:

  1. Professional development by task-specific/related training (on-site, videoconferencing or e-learning) of at least one day (8 hours), which may include a knowledge evaluation (covering e.g. new developments on standards and/or relevant laws/new methods and instruments).
  2. Examination: The examination shall be designed to comply with PRU 14: EOQ Harmonized Examination System – Framework. The minimum sum of ERP for the examination shall be 20.
  3. Providing evidence regarding professional practice: Declaration by the employer or by contractor(s) on at least one full year of work-experience in a function that includes tasks related to the “Laboratory Quality Manager” task description in the recertification period. 

For Laboratory Assessors

At least three complete system audits with at least 15 audit days either internal, 2nd or3rd party audits (9 days of them on site) in the last 3 years, as to be declared by the employer or contractor(s)/customer(s) of the certified person.

Alternatively: Evaluation by a designated peer: 2 days of on-site witnessing, where the candidate is acting as auditor. The audit documentation prepared by the candidate shall be evaluated by the peer.


For registration please contact Mrs Dr. Eugenia Soboleva, qualityaustria Network partner, Business Development and Product Management Laboratories


If participants do not have the requested practical experience, the certificate Laboratory Quality Manager "Candidate" or Laboratory Assessor "Candidate" will be issued.


Laboratory Quality Assurance Manager and Laboratory Assessor
13.11.2023 to 24.11.2023
start time: 09:00 o'clock
 3.990,00Regular price
excl. 20% VAT

Please note that deviations from the new course program may arise in terms of content and participation fees.

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