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EU-funded projects with qualityaustria participation

Objective of qualityaustria participation in international, EU-funded projects is knowledge generation and knowledge transfer to our customers!

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Completed projects

Quality Austria participated in following four projects from 2013 to 2022:

Objective of the project: Development of capacities to increase the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and trade facilitation as well as promotion of regional integration in Central Asia by trainings during the establishment of an Integrated Management System in harmony with EOQ guidelines in addition to further internationally recognized standards.
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QUALIMED-Skills for Quality in Healthcare at European Level
Objective of the project: Development of an EOQ-harmonized course-series “Quality Management in Healthcare“ in Romania.
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Q&VET- Expanding the quality ‘spirit’ of VET
Objective of the project: Development of a guideline for managers of education and further education institutes on the topic "Promotion of quality awareness in education and further education" in six languages
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ICo-op Industrial Cooperation and Creative Engineering Education based on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation
Objective of the project: Strengthen the partnerships between universities and companies in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine by modernizing engineering education.
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Objective of the project: By building a symbiotic cooperation between universities and the digital game industry, the GameHub project fosters human investment into the emerging Ukrainian IT Business Sector.
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