Reflecting systematically

Your customized potential check

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of requirements?
  • Are you losing sight of your primary potentials due to dynamic developments?
  • Are you worried that specific areas of your business contain hidden risk potentials?

Many companies ask us for specific support when analyzing their management system. Therefore, Quality Austria has created new, forward-thinking forms of audits in addition to accredited certification audits. They are focused on a compact and targeted guidance for your specific concerns and wishes supported by our prime experts: Focus Audit. Innovative Audit, Investigative Audit.

In our position paper "The Audit" you can read more about the details and fine differences between these audit categories as well as their specifications.

You are defining the target!

The more concretely your objectives and targets are defined, the more precisely the tailored audit can be prepared and conducted.

We are convinced that maximum practical value can be created by pragmatically combining different audit categories now and in the future.

We provide you with detailed support for the analysis of your system!

Overview of potential checks

qualityaustria audits

On request

  • Focus Audit Status Review for Marketing and Sales
  • Focus Audit Personalized and customer specific Status Review
  • Innovative Audit eccos22®– From the minimum Standard to Business Excellence
  • Investigative Audit Liability risk for Buildings – Analysis of Object Safety according to the Austrian Standards B1300/B1301 

Our product portfolio

Which product group are you interested in?

Integrated Management System

Organizations increasingly focus on integration.

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Quality management systems improve the performance.

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Environment and Energy

Promoting continuous improvement of the environmental performance.

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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational health and safety strengthens organizations.

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Quality management is an absolute must in the construction industry.

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Public Administration

Strategic success factor for public administration.

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Defects in the automotive industry have serious consequences.

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Food Safety

Global markets and complex products require safety with the help of standards.

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Health, Social Services and Health Tourism

The dynamic health sector needs working systems.

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Maintaining a high level of safety.

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Risk, Security and Compliance

Anticipating coincidences with a systematic approach.

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Medical Devices

A high degree of innovation requires creative implementation strategies.

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Sustainability and ESG Management

Social responsibility as a global issue.

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Excellence (EFQM)

Delivering outstanding performances long-term with excellence.

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Customized Products for Special Industries

Support from customized management systems.

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