Medical Devices

Medical Devices: Certification acc. to ISO 13485

Motivation and benefits

ISO 13485 provides an international standard for enabling manufacturers of medical devices to substantiate an effective quality management system. This standard refers to all organizations that are operating within the supply chain or are involved in placing devices regulated by the relevant EU regulations for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics on the market.

ISO 13485 is an important standard for the implementation of system requirements according to regulations in Europe (MDR, IVDR). Certification according to this standard is substantial for economic operators in the business of medical devices not only in Europe but also internationally.

The standard establishes requirements for all types of medical devices, which also include services and software. The medical devices range from sterile to non-sterile, invasive to non-invasive as well as non-active to active implants.

In the course of the conformity review procedures required in Europe for MDR and IVDR according to article 10, demonstration of a quality management system is an important prerequisite for obtaining registration and thus the right to sell medical devices in Europe or to place them on the market (CE marking). As the regulations of some system requirements don‘t include further details for the implementation, ISO 13485 still needs to be used in practice.

ISO 13485 has some features that are congruent with those of other management systems, especially ISO 9001. A focus is placed on complying with laws relevant to quality in the introduction of a risk management acc. to ISO 14971.

The advantages for organizations do not only include the registration aspects but also transparency of the organizations’ own performance, operations following defined processes and the fact that the organization is made aware of legal changes. Furthermore, effective actions for risk management can help to minimize and thus control risks in connection with the devices concerned.

  • assuring quality, transparency, safety and security
  • identifying business and product risks
  • important prerequisite for the registration of medical devices
Target group

Any organization developing and manufacturing medical devices and placing them on the market as well as organizations that are suppliers or service providers to such organizations.


Application of ISO 13485 is particularly conceived for organizations striving for a management system that is wellaimed, more conclusive and more integrated. In this respect, the organization needs to meet all the applicable and legal requirements in connection with product safety in the organization’s management systems for medical devices. In addition to the criteria for ISO 9001, requirements relating to risk management will have to be met. Moreover, special requirements placed on sterile medical products and medical products that can be implanted actively will have to be met. Internal and external audits are to provide relevant support.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14971

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