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Information: At the end of September 2021, ISO 45001 replaced the first globally recognized British standard for occupational safety – BS OHSAS 18001. BS OHSAS 18001 has influenced systematic occupational safety for more than 20 years and at the same time has done great pioneering work in terms of standardization. The standard served as a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety. The standard was finally adopted on September 30th, 2021, the transition period was extended by half a year at the turn of the year due to COVID-19.

The implementation of ISO 45001 ensures the systematization of safety related activities and the optimization of processes. Additionally, it helps to achieve a structured improvement of legal compliance and framework conditions due to the use of transparent systems for persons responsible, representatives and managers.

The awareness of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) risks is reinforced and legal requirements regarding OH&S are verifiably met. There is an open information policy in terms of the development of OH&S and a continuous improvement of occupational safety and health protection is achieved. Processes are reviewed systematically and measures are defined, implemented, monitored and assessed.

An organization certified according to ISO 45001 inspires higher confidence in customers, suppliers, employees, authorities and investors.

Many specifications of ISO 45001 are similar to legal requirements. Therefore, ISO 45001 supports every ambitious organization in increasing its corporate legal certainty.

ISO 45001 is based on the ISO High Level Structure and can be combined efficiently with other standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 due to the same structure and format.The norm is very much aligned with the aspect of (risk based) prevention.

  • Establishing an OH&S management system in order to minimize risks towards employees and other interested parties, who might be exposed to OH&S risks in connection with the organization
  • Continuous improvement of an OH&S management system
  • Demonstrable conformity with the organization’s own OH&S policy
  • Communicating this conformity to outside parties
  • Certification/Registration of the OH&S management system by an external organization
  • Determining the organization’s own OH&S level and declaring conformity with the existing specifications of the OH&S management system
Target group

Suitable for organizations in trade and industry, service providers, social institutions, public and municipal sectors as well as rail companies.


The management system ISO 45001 includes requirements for OH&S management systems, which help organizations to manage their OH&S risks and to improve their performance. The specifications of the OH&S management system can be applied by any organization. All conditions stated in the ISO 45001 Standard are meant to be included in an OH&S management system. The extent to which they are used depends on various factors such as the company’s corporate policy, the organization’s activities, the risks and the complexity of the operations and processes.

In order to be certified according to ISO 45001, an organization must fulfil the following criteria:

  • determining the relevant context of the organization in connection with OH&S and health protection
  • conducting a risk and chance analysis
  • establishing a plan and setting goals to improve the organization’s OH&S and health protection performance
  • integrating the requirements in the business processes
  • internal auditing and periodic management review of the system

Quality Austria  - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH is accredited for certifying organizations acc. to ISO 45001 as of April 2018.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCP, SCC, AUVA SGM, EN 13816, Rail safety according to articel 9 of Directive (EU) 2016/798 (2004/49)

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