ISO 39001

Motivation and benefits

ISO 39001 is an international standard and specifies the requirements for road traffic safety (RTS) management systems.

The safety of personnel involved in road traffic is an increasing challenge for organizations of all types due to its rising complexity. A systematic management system as described in ISO 39001, allows to define the minimum organizational requirements for road traffic safety. The objective of ISO 39001 is the reduction of negative incidents in organizations caused by road traffic. With the introduction of a management system according to ISO 39001 and a corresponding certification, organizations demonstrate the importance of these objectives towards stakeholders and show that road traffic safety is taken seriously.

Every organization that wants to improve its road traffic safety as well as the employees participating in road traffic will benefit from the implementation of ISO 39001.

ISO 39001 is suitable for organizations of any size and can help to manage the particular challenges of safety in road traffic that organizations are confronted with.

The standard is based on the High Level Structure (HLS) and can therefore be fully integrated into existing management systems, such as ISO 9001.

The following topics are covered:

  • Selection of ideal road routes (depending on vehicle type and cargo)
  • Identification of traffic risks
  • Safe manner of driving
  • Conduct in case of accidents
  • Increase the organization’s road traffic safety performance
  • Reduction of road crashes
  • Improvement of working environment, leading to higher employee satisfaction
  • Improved achievement of corporate security and social responsibility objectives
  • Safe and effective transport
  • Identification of opportunities to improve efficiency through better route management
  • Increase of safety for all road users
  • Cost reduction due to increased efficiency
Target group

Private and public organizations that interact with the road traffic system

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

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