Safety Management acc. to Railways Act, EURL 2004/49 (European Railway Safety Directive)

Safety certificate

Based on Article 10 of Directive (EU) 2016/798, conformity with the Safety Management System (SMS) as described in Article 9 must be demonstrated.

In Austria, the certification of the Railway SMS by a Certification Body authorized under the National Accreditation Act (AkkG), and the issuance of a certificate are additionally required by the Railway Act.

A Railway SMS must demonstrate conformity with the requirements (criteria) of the Regulations (EU) for obtaining railway safety certificates (Regulation [EU] 2018/762).

In addition to these regulations, the implementation of other applicable EU-Regulations (EU) is also required (currently, for example, Commission Implementing Regulation [EU] 402/2013 on a common safety method [CSM] for risk evaluation or Commission Implementing Regulation [EU] 1078/2012 on a CSM for monitoring to be applied).

The safety certificate and safety authorization comprise an authorization confirming acceptance of the SMS, which are valid for 5 years. Validity period of the certificates should also be 5 years. The maintenance of the Railway SMS must be ensured by conducting annual surveillance audits.

Conformity can be demonstrated through issuance of a certificate and / or a letter of conformity – depending on the respective national requirements.

  • Ensuring Railway Safety, legal conformity, transparency and verifiability
  • Compliance with associated international and national specifications in accordance with the EU Regulations
Target group
  • Railway Undertakings and Infrastructure Managers
  • People responsible for the Railway Safety Management System
  • Rail operations manager
  • Risk managers in the field of Railway Safety

Railway Undertakings must demonstrably comply with the requirements and criteria for Railway Safety Management Systems as stated by European and national legislation.


Since 27th March 2014, Quality Austria has been accredited by the national Accreditation Body for the certification of Railway Safety Management Systems, and registered as a conformity assessment body, bearing identification number 0901.

Other relevant standards

Directive (EU) 2016/798, its amendments and other relevant EU Regulations, Safety Guide ERA-GUI-01-SAF-V1 Application Guide for Railway Safety Management Systems, European Railway Agency (ERA), other ERA Safety Guides on this topic, SMS Railway Safety acc. to the Austrian Railway Act

Supportive standards

ISO 9001, ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), ISO 31000

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