Selection of suppliers / Supplier development

ALAE | 2 days


Based on the contents of IATF 16949 the requirements placed on organizations / suppliers will be addressed specifically. In particular, the focus is on risks, selection procedures, contract design, process acceptance sampling, ongoing monitoring, and supplier development. Participants learn how to prepare appropriate contracts with suppliers and how to conduct process acceptance.


Knowledge of IATF 16949 or VDA 6.1 is advantageous to participants

Target group

Employees in the fields of procurement, project management, quality assurance.

  • Requirements of IATF 16949 for supplier selection and supplier developement
  • MAQMSR (Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements)

The participants will receive handouts, various documents and practical examples, as well as the book „Joint quality management in the supply chain”


Selection of suppliers / Supplier development
20.09.2023 to 21.09.2023
Hotel Ibis Styles Graz Messe
A.R.F. Projekt Baugesellschaft m.b.H.
Waltendorfer Gürtel 8-10
8010 Graz
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