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Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Mr. Konrad Scheiber


Executive Vice President Key Account and Business Development Risk and Safety, Security, Business Continuity, Transport

Mr. Eckehard Bauer, MSc


Executive Vice President Business Development Environment and Energy, CSR

Mr. Axel Dick, MSc


Executive Vice President Sector Management Automotive

Mr. Michael Dragosits, MSc


Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Mr. Dr. Marc Eulert


Business Support Food Safety

Mr. Alfred Greimel


Executive Vice President Partnermanagement (national/international) and Human Resources

Mr. Friedrich Khuen-Belasi, MSc


Executive Vice President Innovation, Business Development Quality

Ms. Dr. Anni Koubek


Executive Vice President Head of Customer Service Center, Integrated Management System of Quality Austria

Mr. Otto Kreiter, MSc


Executive Vice President Sector Management Food Safety

Mr. Wolfgang Leger-Hillebrand


Executive Vice President Sector Management Construction, Public Administration, RT05

Mr. Alfred Leitner, MSc, MBA


Head of Sales

Ms. Iris Perfler


Head of Marketing, Public Relations

Ms. Melanie Scheiber


Network partner, Member of the Board of Quality Austria, Strategy Consultant of the Managementteam

Mr. Dr. Franz Peter Walder