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VDA QMC licence trainings in cooperation with ÖQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH

The OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is a subsidiary organization of the OQA “Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität“ (Austrian Workgroup for Promoting Quality) and was founded in December 2007.
The OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is accredited as a body certifying services acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 with the identification number PSID 0934 of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) for the in the accreditation mentioned and under published scopes.


ÖQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is a cooperation Partner of Quality Austria and offers licencened VDA QMC Trainings.

General Terms and Conditions of ÖQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH (German)


The German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA nationally and internationally promotes the interests of the entire German automotive industry in all fields of the motor transport sector. The more than 100 year-old association promotes the interests of its members in economic, transport and environmental policy, technical legislation, standardization and quality assurance. Its body of members consists partly of automobile manufacturers and their development partners, the suppliers, and partly of the manufacturers of trailers, body superstructures and containers. The VDA organizes, under its own auspices, the annual International Motor Show IAA, the IAA Passenger Cars held in odd years and, in even years, the IAA Commercial Vehicles.
VDA 6.3

VDA 6.3 – Qualification for process auditor (3rd completely revised edition 2016)

In 2016, the established audit standard VDA 6.3 (2nd edition 2010) was revised by the VDA working group and specified on the basis of experience and feedback.

The aim was to simplify evaluation and the alignment of the questionnaire with the new requirements. The revision focussed on auditability on site in the processes and a limitation to process-specific contents. Thus, the risks in the supply chain and product life cycle processes can be specifically analysed, so that weaknesses in the procedures and their interfaces can be identified, corrective action can be introduced and opportunities for improvement can be determined.

Simultaneously the existing questionnaire was further consolidated, terms and definitions were harmonised, in order to guarantee consistency with VDA maturity level assurance and further VDA volumes and the resulting applicability.

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Ms. Silvia Siegel

Training, automotive (OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH, Gonzagagasse 1/27, 1010 Vienna) Tel.: +43 1 535 37 48-18

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