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GRL07: Austria Quality Seal Property Management


OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is accredited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) as a Certification Body for Products acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 (Exception: GRL 06 Doctor´s Offices).

For certification and issuance of the Austria Quality Seal, the respective Quality Guideline and the General Terms and Conditions apply.


Property managements are highly involved in substantially maintaining real estates and thus their value - by taking constructional or administrative measures. In this respect, it is necessary to consider the interests of the interested parties involved - owners, tenants, flat owners, parties having the right of use and enjoyment - who may be different sometimes. Communication and transparency will help to create a basis for creating confidence and thus enabling solutions helping to satisfy all the needs. Transparent handling of borrowed funds, traceable accounting and transactions as well as avoiding unnecessary costs by taking preventive action soon enough are important success factors.

By granting the "Austria Quality Seal for Property Managements", quality assurance going beyond the legal obligations is documented by an independent neutral body. For more than 69 years, OQA's Austria Quality Seals have been a guarantor of certified and demonstrated quality of products and services. OQA is the only body to be entitled to grant and monitor the Austria Quality Seals.


The requirements of the Austria Quality Seal will concern the entire organization. Transparency of internal processes and structures enhance satisfaction and confidence of “property management”-customers – a key success factor for increasing the market position.
With the Austria Quality Seal, customers will know at first glance that the Property Management selected is committed to high quality standards.

Target group

With the Austria Quality Seal „Property Management“, OQA addresses all property management organizations:

  • Public utility housing enterprises
  • Commercial property management
  • Administrative units (cities and municipalities)
  • Self-administration

Regular external reviews carried out by a neutral and independent body ensure and document the high quality standard:

Benefits for customers:

  • documented, transparent calculation of additional costs
  • funds for maintenance are secure and hold in trust (especially reserve funds within the meaning of §31, Condominium Act 2002)
  • avoidance of unnecessary expenses through inspection and preventive actions

Benefits for the company

  • employees will turn into committed collaborators
  • procedures, processes and structures are optimized
  • increased awareness of expectations of interested parties
  • strategic targets are substantiated
  • increased transparency of target achievement
  • new marketing potentials through certification
  • improved reputation: sustainably and in the long term
  • strengthened corporate positioning
  • creates a distinct competitive advantage
  • increase in market share (new customers, new geographical markets)

Compliance with legal requirements and employment of qualified and trained personnel with clearly assigned responsibilities, as well as servicing and maintenance according to specifications are prerequisites.

In addition, compliance with the Quality Guideline requirements must be ensured during validity of the certificate.


Basis is Quality Guideline GRL 07 „Property Management“. Focus areas include:

  • Four-eye principle:
    Ensuring consistent and transparent handling of third-party funds in case of financial transactions.
  • Internal and external communication:
    Fast response time, forward-looking and up-to-date information, communication by using effective media and gathering customer feedback, including implementation of concrete actions for improvement.
  • Transparency of internal processes and structures:
    Involving the organization as a whole: Management processes, processes of service provision, supportive processes, as well as continual improvement processes – a holistic quality approach in accordance with the company’s strategic direction

Initial audit

  • Preliminary examination (questionnaire)
  • Main audit on-site (acc. to the Quality Guideline)
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate (validity period: 3 years)

Surveillance audit

  • After 12 and 24 months
  • On-site audit (acc. to the Quality Guideline)
  • Inspection and surveillance report

Recertification / renewal audit

  • After 3 years
  • Scope and procedure as with initial audit
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate (Validity period: 2 years)

After the first recertification / renewal audit, the right to use the Quality Seal will be awarded for 2 years; it can then be extended for further 2 years by conducting another recertification / renewal audit.

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