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GRL11: Austria Quality Seal House caretakers


OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH is accredited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) as a Certification Body for Products acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 (Exception: GRL 06 Doctor´s Offices).

For certification and issuance of the Austria Quality Seal, the respective Quality Guideline and the General Terms and Conditions apply.


During the development stage of the list of criteria for the „Austria Quality Seal House Caretakers“, together with representatives of all interested parties, it already became clear that the quality standard must go beyond the quality requirements stated by law.
Successful home care that strives for satisfied customers is characterized by much more than „sole cleaning services“. Companies certified with the Austria Quality Seal comply with the high quality requirements that involve the entire organization: the management, all employees, and all processes. Certified companies have decided to follow the path of diligent care, providing top quality in any field of action. It is important to draw attention to the ethics of profession, the rules of practice, and the „decency within the industry“, to create a good reputation and to clearly differentiate the own company from “black sheep” within the industry.


The requirements of the Austria Quality Seal will concern the entire organization, regardless of size of the cleaning company. Clients will see at the first glance that organizations bearing the Austria Quality Seal have a high quality standard and efficiency. This facilitates and professionalizes the selection of House Caretakers. Thereby, a win-win situation is created for all parties concerned: For certified companies, their employees, customers, and interested partners.

Target group

With the „Austria Quality Seal House Caretakers“, OQA addresses house caretaking organizations which can prove 4 years of practice as house caretakers (business license for maintenance or monument, facades and house cleaning).


A neutral and independent body will carry out regular external reviews that ensure and document the high quality standard:

Benefits for clients and customers:

  • The client can be sure to buy controlled quality and that the House caretaking organization fully complies with applicable business and tax law requirements.
  • Traceability and transparency of provided services are significantly increased.
  • Clients face less problems during order fulfillment.
  • Reports of nonconformity and complaints, as well as risk of failure are minimized (stable contractor company).
  • Employees of House Caretaker companies are aware of the wishes and problems that customers and interested parties have, and are performing target-oriented work.

Benefits for the company

  • Clean, fair and qualified business practices
  • Guaranteed quality standard within the company
  • Pride and identification of employees with the company (including an increased sense of safety, fair treatment and payment, company clothing, …)
  • Firm establishment of the company’s strategic targets through connection with the mission of the Quality Seal.
  • Ensuring the company’s business success in future
  • Comparability with competitors and creation of a distinct competitive advantage
  • New marketing potentials through certification and the communication of its benefits for clients and interested parties.
  • Increased transparency and improvement of reputation towards the public and interested parties.

Compliance with legal requirements and employment of qualified and trained personnel with clearly assigned responsibilities, as well as servicing and maintenance according to specifications are prerequisites.

In addition, compliance with the Quality Guideline requirements must be ensured during validity of the certificate.  


Basis is the Quality Guideline GRL 11 „Home Caretakers”. Focus areas include:


Demonstration of formal legal requirements (e.g. business license etc.) as well as formal commercial requirements (e.g. certificate of nonobjection).

Internal and external communication

Professional internal communication, company representation, and provision and updating of internal and external information.

Service provision and personnel

Procedures for internal organization as well as for service provision are documented; verification of provision of services and a complaint management are implemented. Personnel planning, written service contracts, initial training, instruction and representation are documented. The requirements for sub-contractors are defined and recorded in form of a written contract.


Adequate insurance contracts must be concluded and demonstrated. The infrastructure corresponds to the field of activity; the defined minimum-security measures (IT, key storage, working substances, and vehicle fleet) are inspected.


Initial audit

  • Preliminary examination (questionnaire)
  • Main audit on-site (acc. to the Quality Guideline)
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate (validity period: 3 years)

Surveillance audit

  • After 12 and 24 months
  • On-site audit (acc. to the Quality Guideline)
  • Inspection and surveillance report

Recertification / renewal audit

  • After 3 years
  • Scope and procedure as with initial audit
  • Inspection and surveillance report
  • Certificate

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