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Certification for telemedicine companies (in cooperation with Telemed Austria)

Motivation and benefits

In its resolution on telemedicine and eHealth, the Austrian Medical Chamber (ÖAK – Österreichische Ärztekammer) calls for the certification of hardware and software products, as well as services, so that both doctors and patients will be able to clearly distinguish between certified and non-certified companies.

Stand out from the crowd and take the opportunity to certify your company and assure conformity with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as quality criteria!

Telemed Austria is establishing a “National Austrian Telemedicine and eHealth Registry” for the structured registration of certified telemedicine and eHealth applications, as recommended by the Austrian Medical Chamber. This guarantees that users (both, GDA and patients) can distinguish between certified and non-certified hardware and software products or services. After successful completion of the audit, you will receive the certificate “Certified Telemedicine Company“, which is valid for three years. The certificate provides objective evidence of compliance; furthermore, your company will be listed in the Telemedicine and eHealth Registry. This creates trust – internally and externally!


The topics of “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” and “digital health” are becoming increasingly important. In cooperation with Telemed Austria, which is a platform for digital health organizations, a certificate has been developed that is based on structural quality criteria, process criteria and result criteria. These criteria are determined by Telemed Austria and extended by the criteria of Quality Austria.

Target group

Companies and organizations in the field of service provision as well as social institutions, public and community areas in the healthcare sector.


Step 1: Self-evaluation and examination by Telemed Austria

  • Corporate characteristics
  • Product and service characteristics: legal, regulatory, ethical, medical aspects
  • Duration of self-evaluation: approx. 2 hours
  • Review of the submission by Telemed Austria bodies

Step 2: External evaluation by Quality Austria

  • Audit performed by state-certified qualityaustria auditors
  • Corporate certification*
  • Process certification*
  • Product certification*

Duration of the audit: approx. ½ working day

*according to applicable criteria, we will offer you a customized package!

Step 3: Certificate

  • Upon successful completion of the certification process, you will receive your certificate.
  • Validity: three years
  • Your organization will be listed in the Telemedicine and eHealth Registry
Other relevant standards

ISO 9001, GDPR

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