ISO 9001

Motivation and benefits

There are many reasons in favour of the introduction of a quality management according to ISO 9001 and industrial standards:

  • The demonstrable control of quality management according to the international state of the art and thereby a hedging for the organization
  • The real opportunity for increased customer orientation and increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of complaints, cost savings and increasing resource efficiency and legal certainty
  • The continued focus on processes, their continuous improvement and therefore a reduction in process and hidden costs
  • The promotion of organizational development, internal communication, motivation and sense of responsibility of the employees
  • Improved self-knowledge of the organization
  • Successful certification leads in many industries to a listing as a supplier and improves the image
  • A solid basis for those organizations that are faced with further industry requirements or other requirements (such as environmental or health and safety management)
  • An increase in company value
  • A solid basis for those who strive for business excellence

Quality management systems serve to improve the organization's services, to implement changes in a future-oriented and sustainable manner as well as to develop effective and efficient processes.

Target group

ISO 9001 is general in nature. The standard addresses companies of all sizes – from small firms to global enterprises. ISO 9001 is independent of the particular sector.

Core content

A quality management system acc. to ISO 9001 helps to guarantee that an organization is capable of meeting customer requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements placed on their products and services. Such a system also makes it possible to ensure that the organization is continually working at the improvement of customer satisfaction. In order to guarantee all this, the process approach is anchored in the standard. This process approach comprises a consistent process focus, the further development of the processes enabled by the use of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model (PDCA cycle) as well as a constant look on risks and opportunities.

The process approach is aimed at yielding the following advantages to the organizations:

  • understanding requirements, risks and interrelations and interactions
  • optimizing the processes as to create value
  • achieving effective process performance and relevant results
  • continual improvement of processes in alignment with the organization’s strategic goals

Context of the organization

The context of the organization is significant for the fundamental design of the quality management system (QMS). What are the influencing factors, what boundaries are set, how can strategic goals be reached? For implementing a successful Quality Management System, resources, competence of employees as well as documentation are required.


Top management shall create basic conditions for the implementation of the quality management system and act as a role model.


At planning, objectives shall be set while considering risks and opportunities.


A process focus is a significant element of a quality management system, which ranges from acquisition of the customer expectations via design and development to delivery.

Performance evaluation

At performance evaluation, a result focus is required.


In a dynamic and complex business environment, a systematic approach for improvement is an essential lever.

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