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Course series Business Continuity Management BCM

Die sozialen Unterschiede in großen Wirtschaftsräumen und die globalisierte Kriminalität gefährden den Unternehmenserfolg. Oft vernachlässigt wird der Schutz der eigenen Organisation sowie der gesamten beteiligten Lieferkette vor Ereignissen mit schwerwiegenden Folgen. Antworten und Lösungen für diese Bedrohungen zu finden ist eine zentrale Herausforderung an das Management jedes Unternehmens. Die Lehrgangsreihe fügt sich nahtlos in die vorhandenen Lehrgangsreihen ein und umfasst die Themen Business Continuity Management (BCM).

Job profile

Job profile Risk Representatives

Risk Representatives can systematically identify operational risks for the organization. In this respect, they have basic operational understanding of risks and know the most important legal and regulatory basic conditions as well as the fundamental methods and tools.

Job profile Business Continuity Management Manager

Business Continuity Managers have the knowledge and skills and capabilities necessary to systematically identify and assess general and specific risks for the organization and to develop and implement action plans for averting or avoiding risks. In this respect, they have comprehensive operational and systematic understanding of BCM, know the most important legal and regulatory basic conditions as well as the methods and tools.

Structure of the course series

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Important advantages yielded by quality management systems in building industry ·Defects of execution will be reduced. ·Repetitive failures (which may be made on other building sites or by other employees) will be prevented. ·The amount of rework necessary during construction will be reduced. ·Interface problems with clients, planners, subcontractors, suppliers, public authorities, etc., will be reduced. ·Clear and fixed filing systems and standardized forms (in a low number) help to systematically furnish evidence and important documents (often many years later). Thanks to this, evidencing due diligence in liability issues will be made easier and accelerated.
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