Sustainability and ESG Management

Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration as partner of arbeit plus

Motivation and benefits

The Quality Seal developed by arbeit plus is an award for social enterprises (SU) that work according to clearly defined social, organizational and economic quality standards.

The social enterprise awarded with the Quality Seal commits itself to the continuous review and further development of the quality standards of its own organization as well as its products and services.

Organizational development and quality improvement

As part of the application process for the Quality Seal, selected experts analyze the company with regard to certain quality standards. They examine, for example, how effectively and efficiently funds and resources are used. At the same time, they look at the company‘s strengths and development opportunities. The insights gained are then used to initiate future quality-assuring and quality-enhancing developments. In short: they lead to further improvements in the social enterprise.

Supported by AMS Austria

The Quality Seal for social companies implementing social integration is promoted and financed by the Public Employment Service (AMS) Austria. "We know how important high quality standards are in our daily work at AMS - we expect the same from the organizations we work with. Both sides benefit from the high standard and ultimately the people who are successfully integrated into the labor market through social enterprises,“ says Herbert Buchinger, CEO of AMS Austria, on the occasion of an award ceremony for the Quality Seal.

Target group

The Quality Seal is intended for companies and organizations that define the social and professional integration of people as a primary purpose. Social enterprises meet one of the following criteria:

  • „ The company enters into service relationships with their target group or creates employment relationships for their target groups. Specialists train people and/or accompany them through the work processes. Social and pedagogical support is provided for the SU target group.
  • Qualified professionals advise, mentor and accompany people in a sustainable and process-oriented manner in their personal development and competence enhancement, especially with regard to inclusion in the labor market.

All social enterprises are committed to active gender mainstreaming (GM) and diversity management (DM) and the company‘s goal is not to generate profit for the owners.


General requirements to enter the assessment process are the fulfillment

of the pre-requisites as well as the mandatory and key criteria.

In this check of the preconditions it is determined whether

  • „ the company is a social enterprise (see target group),
  • „ a general orientation towards certain basic values, such as nonprofit, anti-discrimination, social integration and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, etc., is given,
  • the relevant legal (in particular labor law) framework conditions are complied with, and
  • „ the following mandatory and key criteria are met:
  • „ equal pay for equal work,
  • „ the clearly defined core process is directly related to the priority stakeholder group,
  • „ ongoing collection of the results of the core process.

The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration is awarded on the basis of the cooperation agreement between arbeit plus and Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH and (upon request) is linked to an Award according to the EFQM Model.

For further information please consult

Other relevant standards

EFQM Model, ISO 9001

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