Environment and Energy

Examination Energy Management Representative

UMEBP | 1 day


The contents of the examination refer to the courses

  • Energy Management (UMEM)
  • Energy Technology (UMET)

Training in accordance with the courses

  • Energy Management (UMEM)
  • Energy Technology (UMET)

The written examination consists of multiple choice questions and takes 30 minutes.

The oral examination consists of a presentation and an in-depth discussion with regard to the project work (preparation between the courses Energy Management (UMEM) and Energy Technology (UMET)) as well as complementary questions. Duration: 20 min


Upon successful completion of the examination, the candidate will receive the certificate Energy Management Representative.

Holders of the certificates Environmental Management Representative/Environmental Systems Manager and Energy Representative, can receive the certificate Environmental Management Representative with focus on Energy on demand.

Validity of Certificate

3 years

Criteria of extension
  • Proof (e.g. letter from employer, interim certification, self-declaration) about 1 year of professional practice in the field of energy management system within the last 3 years.
  • Refresher course for Integrated Management Systems (RIMS) or appropriate qualityaustria training.

The certificate Energy Management Representative qualifies the diploma holder to participate in the course Auditor (QMA).

Recognition of the points

Anerkennung der Punkte für interne Energieauditor*innen bei der Monitoringstelle

qualityaustria Absolvent*innen wie Systemmanager*innen Umwelt, Energiebeauftragte und/oder Energieausweis- Ersteller*innen können sich bei der Anerkennung zum*zur internen Energieauditor*in wichtige Punkte anrechnen lassen.


Examination Energy Management Representative
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Examination Energy Management Representative
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