Food Safety

Examination Food Safety Expert

LHP | 1 day


The contents of the examination refer to the courses

  • Microbiology and Food Law (LMR)
  • Operational and Personal Hygiene, HACCP (LBPH)
  • Management Systems, Norms, Standards (LMS)
  • Training in accordance with the courses
    • Microbiology and Food Law (LMR)
    • Operational and Personal Hygiene, HACCP (LBPH)
    • Management Systems, Norms, Standards (LMS)
  • Positive assessment of the project work between the courses

The written examination consists of multiple-choice questions and takes 30 minutes.

The oral examination consists of a presentation and an in-depth discussion of the project as well as additional questions from the courses.


Upon successful completion of the examination, the candidate will receive the certificate Food Safety Expert.

Holders of the certificates Quality Management Representative/Quality Systems Manager and Food Safety Expert, can receive the certificate Quality Management Representative with focus on Food Safety on demand.

Validity of Certificate

3 years

Criteria of extension
  • Proof (e.g. letter from employer, interim certification, self-declaration) of 2 years practical professional experience in the field of food safety / hygiene and HACCP or adequate consulting projects in this area within the last 3 years.
  • Refresher course for Quality Managers and Quality Auditors in general (RQA) or with a free choice of main course focus - preferrable in food safety (RQA-L), or appropriate qualityaustria training.

It is not required to take the Food Safety Expert examination in order to become a Quality Management Representative/-manager (with focus on Food Safety).

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