Risk, Security and Compliance

Risk Manager

RM | 2 days


Risk management is an organisational cross sectional task which is meaningfully integrated into a company-wide management system. This course teaches how risk management systems are specifically set up, integrated and further developed. Special points of contacts with management systems (e.g. ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001, etc.) are considered. In addition ISO 31000 and statutory framework conditions will be acquired in depth. Furthermore, aggregation of individual damage potentials of an overall risk position are conveyed.


Training in accordance with the course RB; based on the integrative approach of risk management, experience in the areas of quality, environmental or safety management or as a risk management representative is beneficial

Target group

Executive directors, authorised signatories and other managers, controllers, internal revision, quality, environmental and safety managers, IT-responsibles, business consultants, etc.

  • Establishment of a risk management system
  • Interfaces of risk management to other management systems (quality, environment, occupational health and safety), functions as well as their integration – use of synergies
  • Risk management – information systems, early warning systems
  • Risk identification, assessment and evaluation, monitoring, risk communication
  • Human Factors
  • Integration in legal compliance
  • Advanced methods and exercises
  • Preparation of the project work
Project work

After the risk manager (RM) course, a project work has to be created. This project work is an integral part of the exam.


This course is recognized by the Association of Austrian Safety Engineers / Safety Experts (Verband Österreichischer Sicherheitsingenieure / Sicherheitsexperten VÖSI) as further education for safety experts (3 points).


Risk Manager
02.05.2023 to 03.05.2023
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Risk Manager
04.10.2023 to 05.10.2023
Austria Trend Hotel Bosei
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1100 Wien
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