08. Jun 2021

Innovations and interesting facts

ÖNORM D 4900 series supersedes ONR 49000 series

The ÖNORM 4900 Series was published at the beginning of January 2021.

After ISO 31000 (Risk management — Guidelines) was already published in February 2018, the transformation of the previous guidelines into a certifiable series of standards took almost three years. The ONR 49000:2014 Series was further developed into the ÖNORM D 4900 Series. Both the proven structure and the main content of the ONR 49000 Series have not changed significantly and can also be found in the ÖNORM 4900 Series in a practice-oriented manner.

However, what has been adapted in the new ÖNORM D 4900ff compared to ONR 49000ff is the translation of the core elements of ISO 31000:2018 into practice-oriented requirements, largely taking into account the „High Level Structure (Annex SL)“. This has also facilitated integration with other management systems.

Innovations and extensions

The core element of the ÖNORM D 4900 Series is a holistic risk management, which should ensure the achievement of objectives.

ÖNORM D 4900:2021 specifies the respective terms and principles. The number of terms has been reduced and new terms such as „risk bearing capacity“, „safety culture“ and „organizational risk management“ have been included.

In addition, ÖNORM D 4901 substantiates and deepens the elements of ISO 31000:2018. The requirements of ÖNORM D 4901:2021 specify the way to achieve objectives according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PCDA) cycle, from systematic control of operational risks and opportunities to compliance with binding obligations.

The ÖNORM D 4900 Series can be seen as the foundation on which other management systems can be built, such as qualityenvironmentoccupational health and safety or Business Continuity Management systems.

Due to its structure, the ÖNORM D 4900 Series is suitable for other management systems established in an organization with a risk-based approach to evolve into a common and organization-wide risk management.

qualityaustria system certification and certification of persons

In the field of certification, Quality Austria offers the System Certificate ÖNORM D 4901:2021.

Quality Austria also offers a training course for risk managers on this subject. This training is based on ISO 31000:2018, but also includes, among others, the ÖNORM Series 4900:2021 as well as ISO 31010 with a strong focus on practical implementation; this way, participants will learn to apply the acquired knowledge directly in practice.

Participants who successfully pass the risk management training course and examination, and submit proof of their practical experience will obtain the Risk Manager certificate; upon application, the EOQ Risk Manager certificate will be issued additionally.

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