Food Safety

Hygiene Management – Microbiology and Food Law

LMR | 2 days


In this course fundamentals of microbiology and food law are conveyed. Participants are given an overview of the hazards associated with microorganisms and ways of influencing growth, multiplication and toxin production are imparted. They learn to identify and accurately assess microbiological risks and ensure their company's success on the market through monitoring and preventive measures. In order to better understand the prevailing legal situation for food safety and hygiene, the most important national and international legal requirements are explained in a practical context and a professionally founded way.


Work experience in the fields of food hygiene and product safety.

Target group

Professionals in upper and middle management of food companies and gastronomical establishments who are responsible for implementing hygienic regulations. Hygiene operators in production and quality assurance as well as future personnel trainers and internal/external auditors in the hygiene sector.

  • General legal basis of food safety
  • Collaboration with the authorities
  • Microbiological fundamentals and hygiene risks
  • Classification of microorganisms
  • Physiology and multiplication
  • Pathogenicity and risk assessment
  • Incidence and prevention


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