19. Apr 2022

Course series provided by Quality Austria and EOQ

Laboratory Quality Management – benefits and who has to be on board

Nowadays the number of laboratories all over the world increases constantly. It may be a small lab with only a few employees or it might be an enormous one with a great number of staff. Independently of size or scale, in every laboratory a dedicated person responsible for the management and operation of the lab is needed.

Especially laboratories are in use of many different technologies and analytic methods, which help to create medical findings. Those findings get more important due to the rapid technological developments these days. The invention of a laboratory quality management system can be helpful to reduce errors in the analytical performance. A study from 2018 showed that the error rates in Austrian laboratories can be halved with an ISO 9001 or ISO 15189 certification/accreditation. Statistically significant error reductions were seen upon ISO 9001/ISO 15189 implementation.

First things first

The training course “Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor (LQMAT)” offered by Quality Austria is designed specifically for laboratory personnel and teaches them how to improve and assess the Laboratory Quality Management System. This system meets the requirements of international ISO Standards and is applicable for laboratories in any part of the world carrying out activities related to calibration and testing. The LQMAT training lasts for two weeks, covers 10 interrelated workshops, and includes a final exam. As a reward for successfully completing the examination the participant is entitled to apply for the certificates of Laboratory Quality Managers and Assessors provided by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ).

What is the course?

To elaborate on the content of the course –  yet not to spoil the most valuable and intriguing parts – we shall only provide you with the most important information. The training course has been a part of the qualityaustria training program since 2004. LQMAT has been successful for more than 15 years and every session underlines the importance, usefulness, and benefits of the course for laboratory workers. It is necessary to add that the age of the training program must not leave doubts in one’s mind – the course is updated every year in order to meet modern trends, adjust to worldwide changes as well as modifications in the Learning Management Systems in particular. Finally, constant updates are made to provide participants with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.

This training program is carried out internationally – it was successful not only in Austria but also in 35 countries in different parts of the world. Specialists from those countries have already taken part in the training and obtained their EOQ Certificates.

The purpose of LQMAT is to provide people with knowledge how to install, maintain, improve, and strengthen Laboratory Quality Management Systems in their labs. Participants will be equipped with the needed know-how to become laboratory assessors themselves.

Which topics are covered?

The LQMAT training covers 10 interrelated workshops. These include uncertainty estimation, method validation, statistical tools for laboratories, proficiency testing, calibration and risk management, traceability of measurements, audit methods and tools as well as quality assurance and documentation. All of these are indispensable and valuable topics for accredited or to-be accredited laboratories. During the course participants also obtain knowledge about the process-oriented approach of Quality Management Systems, always based on the latest version of the ISO 9001 Standard.

Who leads the way?

You will not be left alone with all the new information one ought to consume during our two weeks course. Throughout the training a manager of the Laboratory Program at Quality Austria – Dr. Eugenia Soboleva (PhD in Chemistry, Master in Chemistry, Analytical Science, Master in Business Administration) will be your guide for the successful completion of the course. Eugenia was leading laboratory activities related to monitoring of organic residues and contaminants in food and environmental samples. She was also responsible for implementing Quality Management Systems and Good Laboratory Practices in testing laboratories.

Eugenia has been a qualityaustria expert, lead auditor, trainer as well as regional and product manager for almost 20 years with an overall field experience of 30 years.

Who has to be on board?

Mostly, the LQMAT training program will be advantageous and necessary for laboratory managers, as well as laboratory assessors, quality assurance officers, and all the laboratory personnel dealing with quality of analysis or calibration in food, environmental, electronic, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories. There are no obligatory requirements that need to be met and, additionally, the official language of the training course is English. Therefore, basically every expert is welcome to participate if they are willing to learn and expand their knowledge.

What are the benefits?

After completing the course you will be able to perform internal and third-party audits proving compliance with the relevant standards and technical recommendations, taking laboratory aspects into consideration.

The official documents you will obtain are the certificates of Laboratory Quality Managers and Assessors. Participants can also apply for the certificates from the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). The documents are valid in 34 countries and after three years certificates can be extended during our Refresher Laboratory Quality Manager and Laboratory Assessor course (RLQMAT).

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Ms. Dr. Eugenia Soboleva, MBA

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