26. Jul 2019

His pioneer spirit remains unforgotten.

Obituary: TR Ing. Viktor Seitschek

TR Ing. Viktor Seitschek passed away unexpectedly on 16 July 2019 at the age of 76 during his summer holiday in Croatia.

Picture: TR Ing. Viktor Seitschek

As a "co-founder of quality management in Austria", Viktor Seitschek will be remembered as a pioneer in his field. He was co-founder of Quality Austria and known for his tireless dedication to quality. We say goodbye to an impressive person, a loyal companion and an admirable colleague and friend. His knowledge, competence and engagement have contributed to the success of our organisations, and we can look back on many memorable milestones. With his friendly and humorous personality, he leaves a truly big gap. We will remember Viktor as a very special person.

Already in 1970 he became a member of the board of the Swiss Association for Quality Assurance (SAQ) and in 1978 he became a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ). With his return to Austria to the company Engel Maschinenbau GmbH, he was also the enabler in the fields of quality assurance and quality management in Austria.

Here are some of his many activities in the field of quality:

17.05.1979: Co-founder of OVQ (Austrian Association for Quality Assurance)

1979 - 1992: Vice President of OVQ

since 1979: Austrian delegate in the EOQ (European Organization for Quality) and Member of the Board of Directors

July 1989: Co-founder of OQS (Austrian Association for the Promotion of Quality and Management Systems)

1989 - 2005: President of OQS

since 1989: Member of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ)

1990 - 1992: Financial Consultant of the EOQ

since 1992: Managing Director of OVQ

1992 - 2008: Vice President of EOQ

1994 - 1996: Vice President IAQ

1995: Accreditation of OQS as the first certification body according to EN 45013

since 2000: Managing Director of OQA "Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality"

2001 - 2011: Managing Director of OVQ GmbH

2004: Co-founder of Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH

2004 - 2006: Managing Director of Quality Austria

2006 - 2008: Board member of OQS

since 2007: Managing Director of OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH

since 2007: Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Quality Sciences

2008 - 2011: President of the EOQ

since 2011: Past President of the EOQ



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