13. Apr 2021

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Our new qualityaustria overview of services 2021-2022 is here!

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At the moment, we are all probably feeling more intensely than ever before how the numerous current challenges are shaping our environment. It feels like the world is spinning faster at this time, and we have to reorient ourselves, prove ourselves and build up trust in order to keep up with the constantly growing demands.

But how do you manage to even make a statement in such times and differentiate yourself from the competition?

Both organizations and individuals can constantly work on themselves and continuously improve. Among other things, agility and flexibility - especially in times of crisis - help to ensure a capacity to act and react and to create significant competitive advantages.

Management systems create trust

Globalization and the increasing connectivity of markets demand globally comparable and recognized standards. Accredited system or product certificates and personal certificates, are not only a proof of conformity or performance that guarantee international recognition – companies also create trust among customers and stakeholders, improve legal security, minimize errors and risks, and thus reduce costs. These certificates not only separate the wheat from the chaff in the market – they also clearly signal the importance of quality for you and your organization.

Digital transformation – one step ahead

As digital transformation increases, the demand for sufficient data protection and information security in companies also grows. This requires new strategies for the Digital Economy as well as an up-to-date understanding of new business models and solutions in the team. Together with the experts of our subsidiary CIS - Certification & Information Security Services GmbH and other partners, we have launched new trainings and system certifications to help you secure the necessary competitive advantage.

Whether system or product certifications, assessments, validations, trainings or personal certifications – we have the right offer for you to stand out and succeed with quality.

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New auditing – a continual improvement process

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3 central contradictions in the concept of quality

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