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Quality Management Representative and Internal Auditor – Compact

One course, two certificates!

In just five days participants will acquire basic knowledge about quality management and the most important tools of quality assurance in their respective field. Furthermore, they will learn about the basics of conducting internal audits, the contents of ISO 19011 and the fundamental audit principles. With successful completion of the examinations the candidates will receive the certificate Quality Management Representative - Compact and the certificate Internal Auditor - Compact and will enter the list of registered professionals on the IQNet Academy website.

Job profiles

Quality Management Representatives – Compact have basic know-how and skills to apply the most important methods and tools in the field of quality management. In addition, they have a solid education of ISO 9001.

Internal Auditors - Compact have basic knowlegde and skills to conduct internal audits and are able to audit their own organisation as well as suppliers. In addition, they have a solid knowledge base about ISO 19011.

Structure of the course

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