04. May 2021

Contradictory developments and a shift in values

3 central contradictions in the concept of quality

The context in which we operate has changed in a way and speed that was unimaginable until recently.

Our economic and value system is undergoing rapid change. Managers, researchers and experts agree on this. The "Quality 2030" study on which our reflections are based was already completed in December 2019. But it has lost none of its topicality - quite the opposite: The global Corona pandemic is in the process of fundamentally changing the value system of our societies, and at an unprecedented tempo.

For example, 32% of Austrians bought much more online than before due to the COVID 19 crisis. And a surprising 10% have even ventured into the digital marketplace for the first time in their lives during these months. In online business, "simplicity" and "convenience" count more than ever - two values that are discussed in all their facets in this white paper. Furthermore, one does not want to forego individual service and customized solutions as a quality standard: Individualization is the order of the day, and all this as quickly and innovatively as possible. Instead, other values, such as product or service quality, seem to take a back seat... sounds contradictory? It is.

This whitepaper shows how broadly terms such as "quality" and "understanding of quality" have become in the meantime, and how obvious contradictions are associated with them. However, the whitepaper should also serve as an impulse to critically question values that are considered to be set and to continuously draw the right conclusions from them. Because the context will continue to change.

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