07. Jul 2022

Continual Improvement Process

Building up Competency as Change Management

At Quality Austria, building up competency is written with capital letters. But what does this means exactly? Building up competency means that we change our behavior by obtaining knowledge, learning new skills and capabilities and acquiring knowledge.

Thus learning can also be regarded as being a way of personal change management, ongoing adaptation - no matter whether it is a question of adapting knowledge, goals and objectives and targets, strategies or mentalities - taking place. Therefore, providers of training and further training are requested to design this personal change in a structured and systematic manner while using the suitable basic conditions, processes and didactic tools. At this time, one of the things to be done by training providers consisted in changing over to an on-line offer, “virtual reality” (a computer-generated environment) helping to enable learning under changed basic conditions.

Likewise learning is a process that will never be completed - in quality management, we speak about a continual improvement process (CIP). In times of digitization and globalization, in particular, further training, above all lifelong learning, is important to enable us to keep on the ball. Still “challenging” oneself again permanently can be just as motivating and make a valuable contribution to self-realization.

Long-term build-up of competency is of utmost importance both internally and externally

It is not only at our external audits that the focus in on the competencies or their acquisition as well as the further development of our clients. Qualityaustria’s auditors, trainers, assessors and technical experts keep focusing on their own competencies and continue to permanently develop them in line with the motto of “lifelong learning”. They keep listening and responding to the steady claim of securing a high level of corporate quality and upgrading this quality even more at our clients’.

  • Our qualityaustria auditors come from practice and are managers, experts or consultants. Thanks to this, they have a large industry know-how and are competent in handling management systems.
  • At the same time, they are fit in handling the industry standards and regulations and understand various cause-effect relationships as well as their possible consequences.
  • Our qualityaustria auditors have a value-based attitude. Moreover, they are collaboratively embedded into our technical community and organizational environment, which keeps supporting their competencies.

Being an auditor means that you will continue to ensure your further development in order to ultimately achieve the best possible audit result and become an expert yourself by means of active learning. Therefore, we at Quality Austria offer many further trainings relating to cutting-edge trend issues and focal topics - internally and externally.

Congratulations on passing the examination

In the last few years, several qualityaustria auditors have already ensured their further development by attending upgrade trainings and have thus obtained new qualifications. Based on qualityaustria’s focus on further training for nominated auditors in January 2022, 56 auditors have already decided to use upgrade training acc. to the 100-Euro model to acquire additional qualifications.

Each upgrade training includes training and a competency-based performance review (examination), which will enable the auditors to apply for an enlargement of the existing nomination as auditors.

We would like to thank all auditors for their participation and cordially congratulate them on passing their examinations!

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