10. Nov 2014

Experience report of Tridonic on the ISO 50001 certification

Following the main plant at Dornbirn, Tridonic Jennersdorf is the second plant of Tridonic, which introduced a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001. Internal goals aside, one of the reasons for choosing to do so were the impeding changes within the legal framework through the commencement of the new Energy Efficiency Law (EnEffL). 

Being a producer of energy-efficient LED-lamps was another motivating factor, and it was only logical to introduce energy-saving processes in our own company. As the company takes lodgings with a technology park, aspects concerning the building and the real estate itself did not have to be considered as such.
In the course of an initial assessment of the energy situation, we were able to identify the consumption of electric energy as one of the main aspects. A detailed analysis showed that energy consumption outside the usual hours of operation had a fundamental potential for saving energy and was thus integrated into the energy-saving schedule.

The energy management system was integrated into the already existing quality and environmental management system in order to avoid several systems and areas of responsibility running parallel to each other and consequently avoid a possible clash of interests within the organization. This integration was also the topic of a master thesis written by a member of the energy management team as part of his extra-occupational studies.

In the medium and long term, Tridonic will benefit from implementing ISO 50001, both ecologically and economically, thus creating a competitive advantage.


Peter Müller
Head of Integrated Management Systems
Tridonic Jennersdorf GmbH

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