24. Mar 2021

Food Safety update

New regulation: IFS Split Assessments

Due to the unclear further developments regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic and in order to minimize risks from face to face contacts and travel activities, the IFS (International Featured Standards) has also decided to allow more flexibility in the implementation of IFS assessments.

In February 2021, the new regulation “IFS Split Assessment” was presented. The IFS understands this to be a combination of an on-site assessment and a remote part, which, however, only applies to recertification assessments of all IFS Standards and Global Markets programs (with the exception of IFS Broker to which a full remote protocol applies).

IFS requires that the on-site part, which can take place announced or unannounced, must make up at least 50% of the total evaluation time and must always occur prior to the remote part. The assessment path must begin with product samples that the auditor takes without the company's knowledge. Finally, the remote assessment must take place within 14 days of the on-site part.

On the IFS website you will find further information on planning and preparing an IFS split assessment, checklists for the IFS assessment and a separate IFS position paper that explains the position and procedure of the IFS.

If an IFS Split Assessment is possible for your company and is accepted by your customers, we, as your certification body, will carry out a risk assessment to determine whether an IFS Split Assessment is technically possible and we will support you regarding planning and conducting such an assessment.

You can contact us here at any time for requests - we look forward to hearing from you!



Mr. Wolfgang Leger-Hillebrand

Executive Vice President Sector Management Food Safety

Network partner

Ms. Elisabeth Voltmer

Network partner, Product Expert Trainings Food Safety

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