23. Mar 2017

EN 9100 Certification in Japan

First successful qualityaustria EN 9100 certification for the company Sanno Techno Arts CO., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan

Japan is a highly important market for the aviation industry worldwide. Together with our local partner J-VAC in Tokyo we have achieved the first EN 9100 certification in Japan. Further audits are planned and already in preparation. Therefore, we are very pleased to inform you that we are now also able to offer and provide our service in Japan.

Insiders already know that quality awareness is very pronounced in Japan. You have probably already heard the usual question the auditor asks top level management during the audit – “how did you ensure that quality management and objectives are understood by your employees” – well, in Japan this question does not need to be asked.

(2nd from left: Mr. Kozo Morita (CEO/J-VAC); 5th from left.: Mr. Yu Tanaka (CEO); 6th from left: Garry Perschler (Quality Austria); 7th from left: Mr. Kadota Massayuki (J-VAC))

We have already had the chance to experience this particular approach during many audit visits in Japan and would like to offer a short insight how quality management is practiced in Japan. The company Sanno Tech Arts CO. LTD, which produces decals (big labels and special lacquering on the outer surfaces of airplanes) as well as various printing goods for nearly every notable airline, has developed its own approach: Every day prior to the start of the production all employees of the organization meet for a short meeting.

Daily Mr. Tanaka, the organization’s CEO, personally reads the company’s philosophy regarding quality management out loud and informs the employees about the current status of the company’s achievement of the defined objectives

(Daily meeting at Sanno Tech Arts CO. LTD)

Afterwards every day a different employee needs to elaborate on one of the quality management subjects and its importance for the department’s specific area of work. If you have seen this daily routine and experienced its implementation, it is not surprising that there are hardly any customer complaints even though nearly 1,000 orders/items are fulfilled daily. Therefore, the high requirements of EN 9100 could be met at once without any issues and the audit could be completed without any findings.

We would like to congratulate the organization on this great achievement and are looking forward to our further cooperation!


Further informations on EN 9001


Network partner

Mr. Gerald Perschler

Network partner, Product Expert Aviation, Space and Defense Industries

Contact Person Customized Products for Special Industries


Ms. Dr. Anni Koubek

Executive Vice President Innovation, Business Development Certification Quality

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