14. Jun 2021

Whitepaper series

Quality 2030 – Where is the journey heading?

Quality Austria, scientists of the Institute for Integrated Quality Design, experts and visionaries from various Austrian organizations started an exciting expedition into the future in 2018. The goal was to identify and critically question those developments that will influence future quality requirements (Quality 2030). Additionally, possible ways how affected organizations could deal with these developments were to be explored.

The result of open foresight workshops, keynote speeches, trend reports and a qualitative survey is the trend map "Quality 2030" including in-depth analyses of eight sub-themes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many of these trends: whether sustainability, digitalization or agile working. Our current whitepaper series, written by expert teams, provides you with a compact overview of the most essential findings for your daily practice.

The shifting role of certifications

The accredited certification of management systems has evolved into an integral component of our economy. In particular, the introduction of the same basic structure (Annex SL / High Level Structure) enables organizations to establish an integrated management system focused on achieving the organization’s objectives. In this whitepaper, experts examined the role that certifications will play going forward.

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Contradictions in the concept of quality

Our world and our value system are constantly changing and evolving – and so is our understanding of quality and the concept of quality itself. What does this mean for contemporary quality management? What contradictory developments are there and what awaits us in both the B2B and B2C sectors? The whitepaper provides solutions to these and many other interesting questions!

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Purpose: living on the inside,
what is written on the outside

Why does our company exist and how can we contribute to making the world a little bit better? The "purpose" of an organization explains the meaning, the "why?" of entrepreneurial existence and goes far beyond the empty phrases on company websites. The whitepaper is dedicated to the topic of "purpose" and provides tips on how organizations can master the path to purpose-driven work.

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Digital transformation

Smart products, digital technologies and unprecedented connectivity: with every increase in digitalization, new processes, business areas and workflows emerge. It is evident that this has an impact on quality concepts. How can quality be ensured even in the age of Industry 4.0?

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And suddenly everything was different

We all know how quickly certain situations can change. Only those who react flexibly and agilely to current circumstances can withstand almost daily changing conditions. Commitment, courage and openness must be lived in an organization by managers and employees alike – find out how you can adapt your mindset in the direction of agility in our whitepaper.

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News & Events

The basis for long-term success!

16. Aug 2021

25th anniversary of ISO 9001 implementation

Wabtec MZT AD - Skopje

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15. Jun 2021

The shifting role of certifications

Confirmation by third parties

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08. Jun 2021

ÖNORM D 4900 series supersedes ONR 49000 series

Innovations and interesting facts

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27. May 2021

New auditing – a continual improvement process

04. May 2021

3 central contradictions in the concept of quality

Contradictory developments and a shift in values

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27. Apr 2021

5 tips for modern leadership during and after the crisis

It’s all about leadership

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13. Apr 2021

Stand out with quality

Differentiate yourself from competitors

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30. Mar 2021

Avoidance of hazards arising from combinations of Personal Protective Equipment

Occupational Health & Safety

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25. Mar 2021

3 years of ISO 45001:2018

A success story

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24. Mar 2021

New regulation: IFS Split Assessments

Food Safety update

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19. Feb 2021

Emergency – Emergency preparedness and response – Emergency response capability → protects human lives!

Preparation in theory and practice is essential!

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09. Feb 2021

New EU database for pollutants: Experts expect positive effects on the Circular Economy

Tips on Circular Economy

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