Excellence (EFQM)

Assessment: Levels of Excellence

Motivation and benefits

The Levels of Excellence are internationally recognized and comparable awards for organizations that are involved in business excellence issues and who would like to take an external review.

  • simple and practice oriented initiation of an organization in systematically working at excellence
  • concrete step to consolidating experience made with the EFQM Model and the RADAR logic
  • getting to know the organization’s present efficiency and effectiveness and setting priorities for improvements
  • progress review on the way to business excellence and independent validation
  • Europe-wide documentation, publication and recognition on the way to business excellence
  • clearly structured steps on the way to the Austrian Excellence Award (Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität)
  • establishing a continuous European assessment approach for organizations of any size and with different levels of maturity
  • tailored use of the EFQM Model for different levels of maturity within the organization
  • measuring the organizations present efficiency and effectiveness and level of performance
  • defining the organizations areas for improvement and planning improvements
  • creating a holistic picture of the organization
  • motivation to rethink the procedures for managing the organization
Committed to Excellence

Even the longest journey starts with a single step. Committed to Excellence is designed to help ensure that this first step is a step in the right direction. Any organization can be recognised through an assessment based on the EFQM Model. Recognition schemes are all about celebrating achievement and creating enthusiasm for progress.  If a company applies for Committed to Excellence there are two options. Both start with a self-assessment against the EFQM Model.

Option 1: Project-Validation (C2E 1 Star) / Validated by EFQM

  • Once you've completed the self-assessment, you'll be able to identify your priorities for improvement.  
  • Prioritization of three improvement projects
  • Apply the RADAR logic and use the Action Plan to plan each improvement project
  • Implementation of projects; if necessary update the planning
  • After 6 to 9 months a Validator will spend 1 day on-site reviewing the outcomes and lessons learned from these projects.

If you fulfill every criteria, you will receive the Committed to Excellence 1 Star recognition / Validated by EFQM.

For more information please visit this site.

Option 2: Assessment (C2E 2 Star) / Qualified by EFQM

  • Execution of a self-assessment
  • Preparation of the application documents
  • 2 Assessors will then spend 1 day on-site

In case of success, your company receive the EFQM Committed to Excellence 2 Star recognition/ Qualified by EFQM. For more information please visit this site.

Recognised for Excellence

Organizations that participate in the Austrian Excellence Award (Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität) have the opportunity of being granted the international recognition Recognised for Excellence / Recognised by EFQM, if certain requirements are met (according to the findings of the Team of Assessors):

  • self-assessment acc. to the EFQM Model (7 criteria)
  • prepare submission document (short description of the organization or company documentation, no more than 51 pages)
  • assessment carried out by 2-4 external experienced assessors
  • company specific analysis, site visit, consensus and scoring made by the team of assessors
  • feedback report on criteria level

The organization receives based on the achieved level of excellence the recognition Recognised for Excellence / Recognised by EFQM 3* / 4* / 5* / 6* /7*.

Reaching a level of more than 400 points qualifies the organization for the additional recognition as “Exzellentes Unternehmen Österreichs” („Excellent Company of Austria“)

For more information please visit this site.

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