Excellence (EFQM)

Committed to Excellence Assessment (C2E)

Motivation and benefits

Any organization can be recognised through an assessment based on the EFQM Model. Recognition schemes are all about celebrating achievement and creating enthusiasm for progress. An EFQM assessment is a great way to motivate your people and encourage systematic improvement. It provides a focus for learning and training. External assessments can serve as milestones during a long term program and demonstrate achievement to your people, suppliers and customers.

Some of the benefits of applying for an EFQM Assessment and receiving a recognition are:

  • Creating enthusiasm for improvement
  • Developing a culture of excellence
  • Receive Independent feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Improving your competitiveness by focusing on what matters
  • The Committed to Excellence Assessment provides organizations with a practical and easy introduction to the philosophy of Excellence.
  • It offers a practical approach to broadening experience of the EFQM Model and RADAR logic.
  • Organizations get to know their current performance status, their strengths and their areas for improvement.
Target group

Committed to Excellence is suitable for organizations that

  • would like to get feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement
  • want to collect experience in using the EFQM Model
  • plan to apply for EFQM Recognised for Excellence or for the Austrian Excellence Award in future time

All organizations or organizational units headquartered in Austria, regardless of size, sector or organizational type, can participate.


If you apply for the Committed to Excellence Assessment, you will need to prepare a short submission document.

There are 2 sections:

  • The organization overview gives some basic information about your organization, history, structure and strategy.
  • The Self-description describes some of the key approaches you have developed, how you measure these and who is responsible for managing them on a day to day basis.  This information comes directly from the Quick Check self-assessment.

2 Assessors will then spend 1 day on-site to complete 6 themed interviews. They will assess you, and produce a feedback report, against the seven criteria of the EFQM Model.

Depending on the score you achieve, you will either receive a 2 Star or 1 Star recognition.


If the Assessment is successful, the organization will receive Qualified by EFQM recognition. The validity period is 3 years.

Successful applicants may use the Logo Committed to Excellence respectively Qualified by EFQM for promotional purposes. Die Recognition will be published in the public register of Quality Austria and will be used for Marketing, Socila Media and PR activities.

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