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IFS Household and personal care (in preperation with partner OFI)


In cooperation with French and Italian retail trade, HDE (Hauptverband des deutschen Einzelhandels – Main Association of German Retail Trade) has developed some very successful Standards for Food Safety. It already is IFS Logistics that does not only refer to foodstuffs but also to non-food products and had the intention to make the food chain as a whole safer. This is why HDE decided to develop the International Featured Standards Household and Personal Care Products/IFS HPC as a new Standard for manufacturers of isolated household and body care products. This Standard was published in late 2009. IFS HPC is the Standard for guaranteeing product safety of household and body care products throughout the production chain. The general goal of the International Featured Standards consists in creating a uniform Standard for a completely managed and controlled system with a uniform rating system.

  1. guaranteeing product safety;
  2. reducing costs;
  3. guaranteeing transparency;
  4. improving competitiveness

The target group is formed of all the companies that produce and deliver the consumer goods defined by IFS HPC and need to evidence to their trading partners that they fulfil the expectations their customers place on product safety, quality and legality. Products that are part of the scope of the Standard include

  1. all the body care products described in legislation for cosmetic products;
  2. chemical household products, such as cleaning and polishing agents but also pest control agents;
  3. household articles, i.e. materials and articles destined to get into touch with foodstuffs;
  4. products for body hygiene

Several products are also excepted from certification according to this Standard. The IFS-HPC Standard has exactly the same structure as IFS Food. The IFS-HPC Checklist includes 221 requirements and 5 KO requirements. These requirements deal with management responsibility, product specifications, traceability, crisis management and corrective action. These topics will have to be regulated comprehensively, presented traceably and controlled securely.


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