14. Jan 2020

ISO 41001 & ISO 55001

Optimizations within the supply chain

Facility management (ISO 41001) and Asset management (ISO 55001) contain strongly interlinked requirements with great influence on the efficiency of an organization and the creation of value.

As both ISO standards are based on the „High Level Structure“, their systematic structure is similar to ISO 9001, ISO 14001; ISO 45001. This facilitates the integration of management systems according to ISO 55001 into already existing systems, and enables a quick use of synergies.

Quality Austria offers two certification products in this area, which can be used to certify the value-adding area of an organization.

Enclosed to this information, please find the „comparison of standards” (ISO 55001 and ISO 41001 compared with ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and ISO 45001) showing the potentials for the use of synergies of.

Asset Management

  • The standard ISO 55001:2014 (DIN ISO 55001:2018) (Asset management – Management System Requirements), provides assistance to organizations for the systematic recording of their overall tangible fixed assets (e. g. machines, plants, buildings, infrastructure, real estate, and external plants), as well as current assets (e. g. managing spare parts). The benefits of an Asset Management System include, among others, performance improvement and cost optimization by improving the return on investment and preserving asset values. Furthermore, risk management advantages are generated by balancing the costs and risks against the desired performance of assets. The standard also serves as a basis for taking management decisions, increases transparency, improves a trust-based relationship to stakeholders (e. g. banks, funds …), and provides an interface with other management systems.
  • The benefits for users of a systematic asset management system according to ISO 55001 are generated through an integrated approach, especially in highly interlinked and asset-intensive organizations such as in the industry sector (chemistry, petro chemistry, steel production, mining etc.), in the infrastructure sector (electric utility, water supply, transport, traffic, clinics etc.), in real estate industry (housing and real estate management), as well as in the service sector..

Facility Management

  • On 01 October 2018, the new standard ISO 41001 „Facility management – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use” was published. This new standard enables facility management organizations and organizations providing facility services to obtain sector-specific certification.
  • Facility Management integrates a large number of disciplines, which have a great influence on the improvement of efficiency (e.g. by reduction of resource use or energy savings) and productivity (increase in availability of assets) of the organizations managed. ISO 41001 is fulfilling this great responsibility.
  • Implementation of ISO 41001 provides support in ensuring that the services provided are carried out in a planned and controlled manner. The subsequent certification of the Facility Management system, carried out by independent experts in a random, objective and comprehensible way, verifies the correct and effective implementation of ISO 41001 and of the services provided. After positive completion of this review, a certificate will be issued.

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