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Qualityaustria offers regarding ISO revision

It is high time for a change!

The revised standards ISO 9001 for quality management systems and the international standard ISO 14001 for environmental management systems can be extended until September 2018 – afterwards they lose their validity. Therefore it is about time for a change!

Benefit from the resulting advantages such as the achievement of a clear competitive advantage and the improvement of core processes.

Additionally, the brand-new ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety, which replaces OHSAS 18001, is authorized for publication since January 2018.

Quality Austria sheds light on the jungle of Standards

The Revision of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) offers new opportunities for the design of your management system: a clearer alignment to corporate strategy, handling of risks and opportunities, advancement of process focus and an intensified look at performance and effectiveness, just to name a few aspects. We would like to provide you with possibilities successfully design the transition to the new tasks put by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Your tools for the ISO Adventure

Quality - ISO 9001

Seminar The new ISO 9001 Revision

After three years of development the Revision was released in September 2015. In this one-day seminar we provide you with an overview of the major changes and the concrete new requirements which affect your company. We will show you implementation possibilities by means of various examples.

Status Evaluation
Implementation of the new requirements ISO 9001

Compact audits for status evaluation based on a Delta-Checklist
By means of a specifically developed checklist, corresponding to all the changes of the ISO 9001:2015, the new requirements of the Standard are addressed in detail and the degree of implementation is audited. This status evaluation can contain the entire new Standard or selected elements of it. The audit time required is stipulated acc. to extent and complexity of the organization.

Occupational Health & Safety - ISO 45001

Seminar The new ISO 45001 Revision

The  OHSAS  18001  and  some  other  occupational  health and safety standards will be replaced by ISO 45001. The participants of this seminar will get a comprehensive overview  of  the  essential  changes  and  their  practical  application.

QM-Workshop ISO 9001 Revision

ISO 9001 Revision offers the opportunity for organizations to align their Quality Management System to better serve their needs. The new elements reflect the modern practice of Management and focus on outcomes and quality performances. In our Revision-workshops, possibilities for implementation are compiled and discussed with the participants, by means of examples and questions.

Online Workshop Self Study Course ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 revision provides the opportunity for companies to adjust their quality management system in a better way according to their requirements. The new elements reflect the modern practice of management and focus on results as well as quality performance. This revision-self-study course will help you understand the new requirements of ISO 9001:2015, to get an overview of the changes and how to implement them as well as to reflect on the main issues and find your way to implementation.

Online Workshop Interactive Workshop ISO 9001:2015

You want to start implementing ISO 9001:2015 – this INTERACTIVE TRAINING is for you.  In the framework of a case study you will develop implementation solutions for each section of the standard. Choose your organization as basis for the case study. Receive personal feedback on your solutions and answers to your questions from our top trainers. Use the opportunity to ask your questions in a personal video conferencing session.

Environment - ISO 14001

The new ISO 14001:2015 Revision

We give you an overview of the substantial innovations and the new structure. Further we show you which specific new requirements for your organization are derived from it.The seminar also offers time to discuss the potentials of the implementation.

In-house training sessions

Public qualityaustria trainings can be booked as In-house trainings
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Step by step to certification acc. to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Our recommendations for implementing the new requirements:

1. Understand the Standards!

The Standards include new terms and concepts and are organized on the basis of a common structure. This does not only enable you to improve your systems but also to integrate them more easily. In order to enhance understanding, the introductions and annexes of the Standards provide important explanations. We invite you to attend our Revision Trainings and to make use of qualityaustria publications about the key topics of the Revision in the qualityaustria TIMES (newsletter), in magazines (e.g. the Q1 Magazine), our YouTube Channel as well as on our social media platforms

2. Identify the most important topics and use them for a further development of your system!

Choose the topics that can create most value for your organization. These topics usually concern the subjects risks and opportunities as well as context of the organization - e.g. business plan, planning and performance evaluation or the organization’s competence and/or knowledge. Address these topics as earyl as possibly as they are important levers for increasing your performance and customer satisfaction!

3. Define the moment you change to the new Standard! 

When will you have translated the new requirements into action? When is the most favourable moment for transition? Discuss the possibilities with your auditor, our Customer Service Center or our Technical Experts – we will support you in a very competent manner. In this respect, please kep the three-year period upon publication of the new Standard in mind (see Fig. 1).

4. Plan a Delta Analysis!

You have already anchored the big changes in your processes. Make sure that you meet all single requirements that have changed by conducting a Delta Analysis, i.e. a target-performance comparison. For this purpose, please use qualityaustria Delta Checklist or ask us to perform a Delta Status Review.

5. Conduct an internal audit in order to review the maturity and conformity of the system!

Have you made your changes and adapted the processes accordingly? Review in an internal audit whether your system is effective, performance is achieved and the requirements of the revised Standard are met.

You have made it!
Now you are ready for the Re-Certification Audit acc. to the new Standard!

Keep on the right track

Book recommendation
In the new book written by Dr. Anni Koubek, “Praxisbuch ISO 9001:2015. Die neuen Anforderungen verstehen und umsetzen” (“Practical book ISO 9001:2015. Understanding and implementing the new requirements”), you can read first-hand practical suggestions. This  book was published in cooperation with Quality Austria, DGQ and SQS in the Hanser Publishing House.
€ 49,99 ISBN: 978-3-446-44523-9
E-Book: € 39,99 ISBN: 978-3-446-44612-0

ISO 9001 Revision explained in simple terms
In the news area  of our website, you will find information about the Revision in several technical contributions. Here you can, among other things, find the series of articles “ISO 9001 Revision explained in simple terms”, which deals with a key concept of the Revision in each contribution. Enjoy your reading!

Stay up to date with the qualityaustria TIMES
In our newsletter, the qualityaustria TIMES, you regularly receive the latest information on the Revision as well as on many other cutting-edge topics. Register for the newsletter now!

We hope that we can support you in planning your management system and guaranteeing its further development with this information. As for further information, our employees in the Customer Service Center, your Auditor or our Technical Experts will be pleased to be at your disposal.

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Ms. Dr. Anni Koubek

Executive Vice President Innovation, Business Development Quality

Mr. Eckehard Bauer, MSc

Executive Vice President Business Development Risk and Safety, Security, Business Continuity, Transport

Mr. Axel Dick, MSc

Executive Vice President Business Development Environment and Energy, CSR