23. Apr 2018

qualityaustria Forum in Budapest

The conference for quality managers and CEOs was held for the 13th time on April 17th, 2018. According to the host, it might have been the best forum in recent years thanks to informative topics, well prepared presenters who shared current and useful information and a relaxed, joyful atmosphere troughout the whole day.

Tamás Jókay, regional manager of Quality Austria, hosted the event with enthusiasm and professionalism. His section on goal setting and achieving targets was a great success. Participants could prepare their list of goals and he offered valuable tips about how to ensure these will be achieved over time.

Thomas Moschig from the Austrian Embassy praised the Austrian-Hungarian commercial relationship and shared some essential aspects, such as the departure of skilled workforce and the uncertainty of the future for enterprises (due to the rapidly changing international environment).

He was then followed by Eckehard Bauer, Business development manager of Quality Austria. He gave a presentation about the importance of business continuity for small and large enterprises and highlighted that it should be an integral part of an organization instead of only preparing some policies that are never shared and communicated within the organisation.

Afterwards Lehel Szabó, CEO of Jacsomedia, emphasized the need of paying attention to employee motivation and shared some best practice examples from his experience.

József Cserna, Chairman of the Project Management Association, underlined the importance of proper project management within organisations – especially during this era of the 4th industrial revolution. His main message was simple and easy to remember: ”good projects” and ”deliver projects well”.

Just before lunch a well-known stand-up comedian, András Péter Kovács, talked about the relevance of communication and how CEOs can use humour as a tool to deliver messages to their teams. During breaks and lunchtime participants had a chance to network.

During the afternoon András Vicsek, CEO of Maven7, informed the participants how influencers can be identified and how their informal network can support the management in order to establish change within the organisation.

Dóra Kinter, Senior consultant of Grantis, presented some cafeteria elements that can be utilised to further motivate employees.

The last section was held by András Vizy who gave a very dynamic presentation on generations X/Y/Z, and explained how to communicate and understand the different languages and approaches of these generations.

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