The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) is an independent non-profit association according to Belgian law. EOQ understands itself as the European interdisciplinary organization striving for effective improvements in the field of quality management by providing for European coordination and harmonization of competence certifications and coordination among the single members. EOQ was established in 1956 and presently has more than 30 national European quality organizations as well as institutions, companies and individuals from all over the world.

EOQ's European Certificate

If you have an EOQ Certificate, you will be part of the growing circle of more than 50,000 experts that have knowledge in the field of quality, environmental and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management, which is recognized all over Europe. For Certificates issued by the European Organization for Quality are valid in almost all the European countries and correspond to Certificates acknowledged federally - just as qualityaustria Certificates on a national scale.

In Austria, Quality Austria is your direct link to the "European Certificate".

Quality Austria is the only Austrian training and personnel certification body to be entitled to issue EOQ Certificates. As a holder of an EOQ Certificate, you will have access to a European network of experts from different disciplines in many different countries. The central EOQ Database or the worlwide IPC (International Personnel Certification), which Quality Austria is actively working in, any desired contact throughout Europe can be established. This advantage is being used by companies active on an international scale more and more often if these companies have sensitive customer-supplier relationships where the factors of quality, environment or safety play a central role, such as in automotive industry.